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A church in South Carolina became the seventh black church Tuesday night in the South to catch fire since nine people were shot to death during a Bible study at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. The fire at Mount Zion AME Church in Greeleyville comes 20 years after it was burned to the ground by two former members of the KKK.  That fire happened on June 20, 1995. Federal investigators are on scene.

Sources in both the US and Havana confirm the opening of embassies in respective countries will be announced tomorrow. Obama and Kerry are expected to address the issue tomorrow/Wednesday. Cuban Ambassador Cabanas will be at the National Press Club at 10am and also expected to address the announcement.

Greece slipped deeper into its financial abyss after the bailout program it has relied on for five years expired Tuesday and the country failed to repay a loan due to the International Monetary Fund. With its failure to repay the roughly 1.6 billion euros ($1.8 billion) to the IMF, Greece became the first developed country to fall into arrears on payments to the fund. The last country to do so was Zimbabwe in 2001.  On Wednesday, Eurozone finance ministers will discuss new proposals from Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. A Sunday vote in Greece is also expected to determine whether residents want to re-visit austerity measures or abandon them. 

The State Department released the next batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Tuesday night following scrutiny over the former Secretary of State’s use of a personal account. A team of officials will be working through more than 50,000 pages of documents and preparing them for public release.

More than sixty million Americans across the east are at risk of severe storms tonight - facing threats of damaging winds, large hail, and a brief tornado. Meanwhile, the record breaking heat wave continues to sizzle the west with temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average.

President Obama travels to Nashville, Tennessee to discuss progress made under the Affordable Care Act, which the White House argues has helped more than 16 million Americans gain health insurance.

South Carolina isn't the only place where symbols at the state capitol are creating a stir. The Oklahoma State Supreme Court is demanding that a monument to the Ten Commandments come down from the lawn of the State House in Oklahoma City:

50 Girl Scouts are waking up on the White House South Lawn.  They are there as part of a White House campout and were paid a visit by the President and First Lady Tuesday night.

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- Jeb Bush has released more than 30 years of tax returns. The former Florida Governor released more than 3 decades of financial information by the most of any presidential candidate so far.
- In an interview with ABC affiliate WMUR in New Hampshire, Presidential Candidate Trump said he loves people from Mexico, but says statistics back up his statement that a lot of people crossing the border are up to no good.

In the wake of the massive manhunt that has just come to a close, twelve prison officials from the Clinton Correction Facility have been put on administrative leave. As authorities investigate conditions at the prison, David Sweat continues to provide officials details about his elaborate escape with Richard Matt - revealing that the two went through a practice run the night before they fled. 

A FISA court has approved the resumption of the Section 215 bulk telephony program for six months intelligence officials confirm. This was the program that went away when the Patriot Act expired three weeks ago.  But the Freedom Act that replaced the Patriot Act allows for a six month period to transition collected data to commercial phone companies that also allows the bulk telephony monitoring to exist during that time frame.

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a controversial bill requiring all public schoolchildren to be vaccinated - ultimately imposing one of the strictest vaccination laws in the United States. Arguing that that science has proved vaccines protect children, the bill completely eliminating the personal belief and religion exemption.

The trial of Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes continues. 

The U.S team will head to the Women's World Cup Final after defeating Germany Tuesday night. The U-S will play the winner of the other semi-final game, England vs. Japan. The final is scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

Day three of tennis at Wimbledon.

Marijuana becomes legal for adults in Oregon Wednesday when the ballot initiative approved by more than 56% of voters in November 2014 officially takes effect.  It allows adults 21 years of age and older to possess up to eight ounces of marijuana and grow up to four marijuana plants. 

A Missouri-born dancer Misty Copeland has been named the principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre - making her the first African-American ever to hold the title! Copeland has been on the cover of TIME Magazine, written a children's book, and starred in a popular Under Armour commercial.

Expect a flurry of basketball news.  Wednesday is the first day of NBA free agency.