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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was apparently so frustrated over airport security failures exposed by undercover agents and reported by ABC News, he went to TSA headquarters in Arlington, Virginia and ordered changes in the way screenings are conducted - including removing the head of the TSA.

The earliest the Senate could act is Tuesday to end the political fight over controversial tools to track potential terrorists. Programs like the bulk collection of phone records expired despite a rare Sunday Senate session. FBI Director James Comey says "I'm left looking for needles in a haystack, and the needles are increasingly invisible."

A passenger ship carrying more than 450 people on China's Yangtze River has sunk during a cyclone. Search teams have climbed onto the overturned hull...listening for sounds.

The CDC says antibiotic-resistant bacteria annually cause at least 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths in the United States. A White House forum Tuesday is expected to announce a national action plan to slow the advance of antibiotic resistant bacteria. CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden says changing the way antibiotics are prescribed is key to preventing the development and spread of resistant infections.

As the CDC investigates the Army's inadvertent shipping of live anthrax samples to several domestic and foreign labs, there's a report some bacteria was shipped to labs in Canada.

Bruce Jenner's transition to Caitlyn Jenner has dominated social media, setting records. The brand new Caitlyn Jenner Twitter account became the fastest ever to earn a million followers. It took just four hours.

...Are on fire.  Auto makers are set to release sales reports and analysts predict 1.59 million cars for the month.  That would be down about 1% from the same month last year, but based on the sales for the first five months of this year – sales are on pace for 17 million new car sales this year – a level unseen since 2001. 

The ongoing outbreak of bird flu has claimed more than 36-million hens, about 12% of the nation's egg-laying capacity, mainly in the Upper Midwest. But its impact is being seen in grocery stores and on restaurant menus coast-to-coast. The average price of a dozen eggs at the retail level has soared and some fast-food places are scaling back their breakfast hours.

The flash flooding threat has moved to the Northeast, where waves of heavy rain have ended a long dry spell.

Secretary of State John Kerry will continue treatment in Boston for his broken leg, suffered in a bicycle fall in France near the Swiss border.

VOTE 2016
(POLL EMBARGOED TIL 7AM ET) The latest ABC News/Washington Post polls shows Hillary Clinton is looking at worsening ratings for her honesty and trustworthiness, a favorability rating that’s turned negative and a far closer contest against Jeb Bush in a general election matchup. But Bush has his own challenges – losing 10 points in two months to surrendering his front-runner status for the Republican nomination.
There are now nine Republicans officially running for President in 2016. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is the latest one to get into the race.

An American woman is dead after being bitten by a lion while visiting a lion park outside Johannesburg, South Africa. Witnesses say the lion lunged at the woman while she was in her car taking pictures of the animal through the window.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is expected to be arraigned in federal court Thursday on charges he paid hush money, reportedly to keep allegations of sexual abuse from coming out.

A funeral was held for three members of a murdered DC family.  Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy and their 10-yr. old son Philip were killed in their home in mid May along with their housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa. 34-year old Daron Wint is charged with the killings.

A series of earthquakes hundreds of miles off the Oregon coast aren't dangerous, but geologists warn they are a reminder of things to come. They say the fault line that produced the quakes is highly active, but not the type to trigger an especially powerful earthquake.

American Pharaoh arrives at Belmont Park in the day ahead.  All eyes are on the 3-year-old who is on a 6 race winning streak.  Will he take the Triple Crown?  Not since Affirmed in 1978 has a horse managed to win all three races, but American Pharaoh is the third horse in the last four years to snare victories in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness.