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January 13--  Congressman John Barrow's voting record on Obamacare may be his downfall in this year's 12th District congressional race.

{mosimage}Augusta businessman Rick Allen is seeking the Republican nomination to face Barrow in November.

During a visit to Vidalia, Allen said it's not a good time to be an incumbent and he plans to let voters know how many times Congressman Barrow voted to keep Obamacare.

"Obamacare is affecting a lot of people.  John Barrow says he's for pre-existing conditions and he's for young people being able to get insurance, but he's against the mandates.  Guess what?  You can pay for it without the mandates so it has to be defunded.  John Barrow has voted against defunding it 27 times and we're going to get that message out," Allen said.

Allen lost to Lee Anderson in the last congressional primary and will face former Capitol Hill staffer John Stone in the May primary. 

"I have four children, five grandchildren and two on the way.  We could be the first generation to leave this country in worse shape than our parents left it to us.  

"That is something I'm not real proud of and I've got to go try and do something about it.  I want to serve my country and I think the business community and the working person needs to get involved.  This is not what I had planned at the stage of my life, but I feel something has got be done and we've got to step up.  We can't go out this way," Allen said.

Allen said his goal at the end of 2013 was to have campaign contributions of $400,000.  He says he's raised about $373,000 so far and is hoping to raise more as the popularity of incumbents continue to drop.

"There's a great anti-incumbent sentiment out there right now.  It's kind of like throw them all out.  I'm not an incumbent, I'm a businessman and I think our government needs some business principles so we can get this spending under control," he said.