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January 10--  Two area lawmakers agree the 2014 session of the Georgia General Assembly which convenes Monday should be shorter than usual because primary elections in the state have been moved up to the month of May.

{mosimage}(L-R) Senator Williams, Gary Sanchez with AT&T and Representative Morris.  AT&T hosted the event Thursday morning at the STC Economic Development Center in Vidalia.

Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons and Representative Greg Morris of Vidalia told the annual Chamber of Commerce pre-legislative breakfast the state budget will be the focus of attention.

However, Morris has a couple of individual priorities.  He wants the legislature to approve placement of a monument at the capitol containing the Ten Commandments and the preambles of the national and state constitutions.

He also wants a law devised that will pass muster in federal court requiring drug tests for those who receive welfare.

"Working men and women are required to take a drug test to work.  It boggles the mind that folks who are asking for public tax dollars would not be required to take a drug test like working men and women in this state.  We are going to keep fighting until we win," Morris said.

Senator Williams says one of his goals is to look for ways to make it easier for people to start businesses in the state.  He said that might include breaks on employer payments of unemployment and workmen's compensation insurance and discouraging monopolistic practices by large companies.

The Senator also praised Governor Nathan Deal for denying federal attempts to increase the Medicaid rolls in the state.

"The federal government is telling us you need to add 600,000 to 700,000 more people to the roll and we'll pay for it.  We know that in future years they're not going to hold that line and we'll be in worse shape than we are now.

"There are those on the left who want the federal government to be the nanny for everybody.  It's a terrible policy that promotes sloughfulness.  We need to promote responsibility," Williams says.

Both Senator Williams and Representative Morris have been in office since 1998.  Williams has no declared opposition in this year's election while Morris is being challenged in the Republican primary by former Navy Seal Lee Burton of Vidalia.