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December 11--  Montgomery County is planning to start its own 911 system.

At its December meeting Monday, the county commission voted to buy the equipment and operate it out of the county sheriff's office.

Montgomery County currently pays Toombs County for 911 support, however, county manager Brandon Braddy says the county thinks it can get more mapping accuracy and better directions for emergency responders if it has its own system.

He estimates a one-time cost for the equipment of just under $150,000 and annual operating costs of about $151,000.  Braddy says Montgomery County pays Toombs County $148,000 each year for 911 service.

At the same time, Montgomery County is planning to seek bids for its ambulance service.  This year it paid Toombs County more than $200,000 for ambulance support.

Braddy says the commission wants to know if another provider can provide equal or better service to Montgomery County.  He says Toombs County will be offered the chance to bid.