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December 9--  A previous report stated there was no Angel Tree at Walmart this year to help the local Salvation Army.  That is true, however, as noted below by one of our readers, the Angel Tree program as originally devised is still alive and well in Toombs County.  Our thanks to Mr. McLeod for the clarification.

"Dear Mr. Fowler,

Would it be possible to clarify the article and News Break report about the following statement from the, "Christmas Help for the Salvation Army" article?

"Vidalia Ford bought over 80 bicycles and gifts for some of our kids, the Daniels family bought for about 20 and the Meadows Wellness Center took 50 kids.  The community is rallying around us because we don't have the Angel Tree this year," Roberts reports."

Some listeners who volunteered to help us with Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program heard this Newsbreak broadcast and were confused.  Angel Tree is a registered trademark of Prison Fellowship Ministries founded by the late Chuck Colson to provide Christmas Gifts to children of prison inmates.  This Angel Tree program has been locally sponsored by the Vidalia First Baptist Church and has been providing Christmas gifts to children of prison inmates in Toombs County for the past 18 years and this year is no exception.  Many volunteers have selected children from our Angel Tree program, and I am concerned they will hear the broadcast and believe our program has ended.  In fact, that's how we first became aware of the News Break broadcast.  A volunteer asked why we had ended the Angel Tree program.

Would it be possible to change the statement to, "we don't have an Angel Tree through Salvation Army this year."?  Or if the last sentence is omitted altogether, that would be even better.

Please know that I really appreciate all that you and your stations do in our community!


Wade & Luanne McLeod - Angel Tree Coordinators for Toombs County"

Angel Tree® is a registered trademark of Prison Fellowship Ministries