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November 20--  The new school in Treutlen County has been having humidity problems and the administration has now placed an unused room "off limits" after it was found to be infested with mold.

School Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Conley says Room 211 has never been used by students but was a professional development classroom for faculty.  She describes the mold as dust-like and said it was found on furnishings and storage cabinets in the room and that it will be cleaned with bleach and water next week.

The superintendent says no mold has been found in other parts of the school and environmental specialists have advised it's okay to continue school.  Meanwhile, they're keeping a close watch on other parts of the building.

"I met with the staff yesterday and told all of the teachers if they see any visible mold in any of their classrooms they are to tell their principals who will let the central office know and we will make sure we have everyone out of that room and we will bring the crews in and we will clean that room while we continue to look for the source of the humidity," she said.

The school system sent the following release to local media.

The Treutlen County School System has been studying the constant humidity issues at our new facility for several months.  As a result of the ongoing study, we have had several tests conducted regarding the airflow and the air quality within our school.

On Monday afternoon, we received a report from our environmental specialist regarding a mold assessment taken in Room 211 at the school.   The data that was received for Room 211 indicated that “extremely heavy Unnatural Aspergillus/Penicillium-like Mold has been detected on Desks, Chairs, Filing & Storage cabinets and discharge from the HVAC System Air passage Discharge Vent “ in Room 211. 

Room 211, the professional development room, has not been used as a student classroom last year nor this year, and was closed as soon as mold was detected in the room, which was prior to the mold assessment.  At this time, we have no report of mold in any other section of the building and Room 211 is off-limits to all students and staff.

It is the professional opinion of the Environmental Specialist that we can continue to conduct school as usual based on the information that we currently have in hand.  However, we will contact the CDC for guidance before we make a decision regarding the closing of school.

As a precaution, we plan to conduct a thorough assessment of the entire building to determine if there are other areas where  mold may be located and, if so, the origin of the mold.  After that step is completed, all affected areas will be cleaned according to environmental standards.

As we acquire information, we will keep you updated on the findings.  Safety of our students and staff is a number one priority and we will continue to monitor the situation throughout the school.