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November 13--  Montgomery County High School is in the top ten percent of Title One schools in Georgia making the most progress improving the academic performance of its students.

The Georgia Department of Education released its list of "High Progress" schools Tuesday based on three years of statewide assessments.

School principal P.J. Richards says it's welcome news.

"So much of what we hear as an educator, and this isn't unique to Montgomery County High School, are the negatives.  The stakes are higher than they've ever been before, resources are more limited than they've ever been and yet we're expected to work miracles.  I think our teachers do work miracles and I know my faculty is going to be able to hold their heads up and know we're moving in the right direction.  It's really nice to know the overall trend is improvement here and I can promise that it's going to continue," she said.

Richards was a STAR teacher at Montgomery County High School before being named school principal this year.

"There are a great deal of changes taking place in the educational real, but one thing hasn't changed and that's building relationships with children and getting them to believe in themselves and pushing them beyond what they think they can do. 

"We have a wonderful, caring faculty that strives to help each student be successful in the classroom.  When you have a group of people as dedicated and caring as we have here, good things are going to happen," Richards said.

Four other schools in the area which made the "High Progress" list are Jeff Davis High School, Glennville Middle School, Emanuel County Institute and the Adrian School of Performing Arts.