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September 24--  A third grader who wanted his friends to see his toy gun gave school officials at Sally Meadows Elementary School a chance to test their school protocol on such things Tuesday.

School Principal Ginger Morris says a student spotted an Airsoft pistol that shoots plastic bullets in a classmates book bag.

"The child had the book bag and was taking out materials for the day.  The other child saw it and walked up to the teacher and said they thought they saw something.  The teacher investigated and immediately called me and we took it from there," the principal said.

"His explanation was very truthful and very forthcoming.  He said they have games with Airsoft toy guns and he had put it in his book bag to show people that he had it.  It was almost as though he was saying I have this and he was talking to some friends who said you probably don't have it so he brought it to school to say, 'See, I do have it.'"

Even though it was only a toy, Principal Morris said she sent a letter home to all parents.

"You can't afford not to share that with parents.  We want them to know their child's safety is first and foremost with us in everything.  I'm very proud of the child for being truthful and I'm proud of the child who didn't stop class by telling the teacher.  I'm proud of the teacher for knowing immediately what she had to do.  Once that was handled, they went right back into class and instruction carried on.  We didn't spiral out of control and we didn't lose a day of class because it was handled following our protocol," she said.