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September 23-  The need has never been greater for Boys and Girls Clubs according to Paula Mackelburg, Director of Organizational Development for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

"The need is tremendous out there.  We look at the number of youth who are living in poverty and coming home to single family homes and continue to need opportunities for positive experiences.  It is needed more today than ever.  The economy plays into that as well with two-parent working families and single parent households," she said.

Mackelburg visited the Toombs County Boys and Girls Club to work with its new director, Stephen Miller.

"I'm very excited about the improvements the organization has been making and continues to make.  The board is very focused and driven to make this program a better opportunity for kids.  I'm excited about Steven being on board.  His enthusiasm, excitement and past experience is really going to make the organization able to serve even more children," Mackelburg said.

The Toombs County Boys and Girls Club has locations in Vidalia and Lyons and is one of 37 such clubs in Georgia.

"For Toombs County to have two organzations serving the number of youth you are means you're doing a great job.  You continue to need the support of the community so that you can sustain and continue grow.

"We have a great brand and it's very recognizable.  There are a lot of people in a lot of communities who still don't realize the worth of what we do.  It's a youth development agency with hope and expectations that our kids will make their grade levels on time, have academic success, graduate from high school and leave our organization with good characte and citizenship.  It's not just an after school program," she points out.