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July 25--  A former CIA agent who now lives in Vidalia is warning about the dangers of violent Islamists inflitrating the United States and its government.

{mosimage}Kevin Shipp told the Vidalia Kiwanis Club Tuesday that President Obama is influenced by pro-Islamic advisers who impact U.S. foreign policy.

"It's extremely prevalent.  This leads all the way up to the chief advisers for counter-terrorism and national security to the current President of the United States.

"The CIA reports directly to the Executive Branch and the President of the United States.  They're required to carry out his orders.  We're arming Islamic jihadists in Syria right now, the CIA is, at the behest of the President.  The CIA is engaging in things that most of us who've been in there would decry, but they're doing it right now.

"This is happening.  Radical Islam is staging a cultural jihad.  We're allowing them to do it under our First Amendment. They're using our Constitution against us and destroying us from the inside, calling people Islamophobs, using hate crime legislation and basically eroding us from the inside," Shipp says.

Shipp says Islamic enclaves are being set up around the country.

"They are sponsored by or actually occupied by the Muslims of America which is guided by a terrorist-supporting sheik in Pakistan.  There is one in Commerce, Georgia engaging in para-military training, there's one in Redhouse, Virginia and there's one in Oakland, Calfornia and they are specifically training and waiting for jihad.  Essentially they are sleeper cells in the United States.

"There's big camp in Jesup, Georgia right now.  The Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan's group, has purchased 1,800 acres and they're hiring Muslim street gangs from California to provide security for this compound," he says.

In an upcoming report, Shipp will discuss what American citizens should do to combat Muslim extremists.