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July 17--  The state of Georgia calls it Highway 130.  The city of Vidalia calls it Adams Street.  Drivers call it the worst road in the city, however, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Vidalia Mayor Ronnie Dixon says the Georgia Department of Transportation has agreed to move the project to the head of the line in regional projects.  This came after the regional transportation committee heard from the city and endorsed a higher priority.

"We're really excited about it.  To start with it seemed like they (the DOT) didn't really want to do it, but we're fortunate to have a good committee that we met with a couple of weeks ago and the DOT said if they recommend it, we'll go along with it, so we got it all worked out.

"I think we'll probably be bidding the project within the next 30 to 60 days.  We've already engineered it and know what we need to do," the mayor said.

The estimated $1.6 million dollar project is much more than just resurfacing the street, according to city Finanace Director Bill Bedingfield.

"There are drainage issues right now from Highway 280 out to Third or Fourth Streets that are major problems that have to be fixed.  There are also water and sewer lines under the middle of the street which have to be moved to the sides.  It's a much bigger project than most people think, much more than just resurfacing Adams Street," he points out.

The project is expected to improve drainage along a half-mile section of the road, relocate 1.2 miles of water lines and replace curbs, gutters and sidewalks, Bedingfield says.