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July 10--  The budget for Vidalia City schools in fiscal year 2014 is less than this year.

Tuesday night the school board approved a total budget of $25,342,646.26 which is almost $866,000 less than fiscal year 2013.

At the same time, the board had to increase it s budget for teachers by almost $200,000 to pay for three special ed teachers mandated by the state.

School Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox said, "We've done what we could to make some adjustments, mainly through attrition, to maintain some type of safe fund balance moving forward."

The new budget reflects a total reserve of $1.5 million including $980,000 in the general fund in FY14.  However, there are furlough days when employees won't be paid.

"Unfortunately, this will be our third year of ten furlough days.  We'd hoped we could make some adjustments and at least reduce that number, but we haven't made it to a point where we feel comfortable doing that yet," the superintendent said.

The school board is requesting waivers to various state requirements including one to keep class sizes larger than state standards, a move needed to keep fewer teachers on the payroll.

The school board voted to move the location of its regular meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month.  Starting August 13th, the meetings will be held in the city council chambers at the Vidalia Municipal Annex.

The board has a called meeting at its offices on Adams Street Friday, August 2 at one p.m. to discuss charter school options being offered by the state.