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July 9--  The Mayor of Dalton is running for Governor of Georgia and issued the following news release today.

Pennington Takes First Steps in Republican Campaign for Georgia Governor


Dalton, GA - A job-creating businessman and Mayor of Dalton, Georgia - David Pennington has taken the first steps in his campaign for Governor of Georgia.  Pennington, a Republican, filed the necessary paperwork to begin his campaign for the GOP nomination.


David Pennington is also launching an initial website:, which contains links to his social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.


Pennington expects to make a full formal announcement later in the campaign.


"Georgia citizens' incomes are ranked down where they were in 1979. Georgia has trailed the nation in economic performance, with the national economy growing 71% faster than ours for much of the last decade," Pennington states on the site.  David added, "Our leadership is failing us ... We need ethical leadership that will focus on job creation, not scoring political points.  We need a proven, job-creating businessman to take the reins."


Pennington's biography found on the site outlines his background and key concerns, as he takes his first steps in the race.


Under David's leadership in Dalton - general property taxes have been reduced 28%; general fund spending has been reduced 19%; and the general fund surplus has been increased over 50%. To encourage entrepreneurship - business license fees have been reduced by up to 50%, and the permitting process streamlined to shorten the time to begin doing business.


David notes that, as a principled conservative, he has a "disdain for those who would hide behind a party label to raise taxes or increase wasteful government spending."


On job creation - David also notes that, "as an economics major and graduate from the University of Georgia, he has seen that job creation is not just about what is done on the local level but is also heavily influenced by what happens in the state capital."


He encourages the media and Georgia citizens to read the full biography to understand his background.


"Today, I am taking the first steps in this race," said Pennington, "I look forward to growing my campaign, to making a formal announcement in the future, and to bringing real leadership to the Governor's office that will improve our economy, improve management of our budget, promote our values, and return Georgia to greatness."