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July 1--  The Uvalda city council has overruled an executive order by the town's mayor.

At a called meeting Monday night, Mayor Paul Bridges appeared and called the meeting illegal before departing city hall.

After his departure, the council was advised by its attorney that the meeting conformed to the city charter and was legal.

The council then voted to rescind a June 21st executive order by Mayor Bridges which ordered Police Chief Lewis Smith to cease conducting road blocks in the city.

Mayor Pro Tem Elaine Manning said, "I believe it's a way for Mayor Bridges to obstruct our police department.  He's just trying to keep them for doing their job."

Mayor Bridge's order cites nine reasons why he objects to roadblocks including safety issues and city liability concerns.

Chief Smith traces the conflict with the mayor to a roadblock where a Hispanic driver was busted for marijuana.  He says the mayor testified for the defense at the trial which resulted in a conviction.