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June 29-- Southeastern Technical College’s cosmetology program is primarily concerned with sharpening the skills students use behind the chair, but Swainsboro and Vidalia classes got an education on the skills used to get the chair itself.

Lady Renee Industries, a longtime partner of STC Cosmetology, hosted both classes at their facility in Cedar Crossing, a trip intended to shed light on the business side of their profession.


“This trip gives the students the opportunity to see a manufacturing facility where quality salon equipment is made,” said Linda Hairr, cosmetology instructor for the Vidalia campus. “We hope it helps them to see the benefits of buying equipment and services from a local company.”

The instructors emphasize that what you buy is just as important as what you can do with it, though that necessitates more shrewdness than extravagance.

“I want them to learn to shop smart for furniture when planning to open a salon or rent a booth,” said Peggy Braswell, cosmetology instructor for the Swainsboro campus. “Also, they must watch the supplies they purchase and understand that more money spent does not always mean better quality.”

Lady Renee and Southeastern Tech have enjoyed a long relationship, bolstered by the company’s support of the school and the instructors’ faith in the company’s products.

“We have been using Lady Renee at the school for years and have always been satisfied with the equipment and products,” said Althea Telfair, Vidalia campus cosmetology instructor. “We’ll continue to take our students to visit Lady Renee facilities.”

“They have always supported the school with donations,” said Braswell. “The students and instructors were all given a gift bag yesterday with various products that are usable in the profession.  Lady Renee has also contributed to fund raisers and competitions that the students have attended.”

Those years of support make it easy for the instructors to be fans of Lady Renee, but the fact that each of them has great confidence in the company’s products makes it even easier.

“Lady Renee is a reliable company, they manufacture their equipment using products made in the USA, their products come with a great warranty and they do their own service work,” said Hairr. “They will even come to your business to pick up the equipment and give you a loaner—something unheard of in today’s world.”