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June 24--  Georgia's 12th District congressman is criticizing President Obama's trip to Africa.

{mosimage}Democrat Congressman John Barrow made his remarks on the House floor as the President and his family embark on a multi-million dollar trip while at the same time furloughing federal workers.

"Madam Speaker, very soon thousands of folks in my district in Georgia and even more across the state, will be furloughed because of the budget sequester.

"Studies have shown the sequester will cost the Georgia economy approximately $107 million.  Meanwhile, reports circulated this week that President Obama's trip to Africa will cost taxpayers nearly $100 million.

"Madam Speaker, no one here questions the need for security for our Commander-in-Chief.  But, we do question the need for such expensive trips when so many folks across the country are being forced to cut back because Congress can't get its act together. 

"A trip of this magnitude is not unusual, but these are hard times. One hundred million dollars could be better used to keep people on the job.  I urge the President and everybody on the federal level to lead by example and not take the fact that Congress can't get its act together and rub that in the face of hardworking Americans," Barrow said.

Meanwhile, the White House confirms President Obama and his family have cancelled plans to go on a safari while in Africa.  According to The Washington Post, the plans were changed after the paper asked the White House how much the safari would cost.