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May 16--  The mayor of Uvalda and the city council met behind closed doors for nearly two hours Wednesday night.  When it was over, no action was taken and the town's police chief, Lewis Smith, still had his job.

{mosimage}Mayor Paul Bridges (left) wanted the chief fired because Chief Smith had refused to stop a roadside check the mayor objected to Friday night, May 3rd.  The chief and the mayor have had disagreements for more than a year.

After the meeting, Chief Smith (standing) appealed to Mayor Bridges to let citizens who attended address the council.

{mosimage}"My job is on the line.  These people are here to support their chief and you Mr. Mayor don't want to hear it," the chief said.

On advice of the city attorney, Mayor Bridges allowed public comment from the roomful of ctizens who heartily endorsed the work of Chief Smith.

Afterward the mayor said, "I'm humbled that they came to express their support for the chief of police.  It was my opinon that the roadblock was unsafe and that was the reason I addressed that with the chief.  It was not my intention to upset any of my citizens because I think Uvalda citizens are awesome people.  I think this puts it to rest."

However, Chief Smith is not convinced.

"I'm just overwhelmed that the community came out tonight and supported me like they did.  I don't feel this issue will be closed as long as Mayor Bridges is the mayor.  He has caused so much hurt to this city, not only to me, but to other people as well.  The only way we can have closure is in November or January 1 when Mayor Bridges is gone," the police chief said.