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April 24-- Everybody's been wondering.  Who's the donor of a seven-figure contribution to the new cancer radiation center at Meadows Regional Medical Center in Vidalia.

Melissa Hightower with the Meadows Healthcare Foundation says we'll know Thursday.

"It's monumental for this area and we're thrilled to have everybody come out and show their support.  That's Thursday afternoon at five o'clock out at the radiation center," she notes.

"We will introduce the donor to the community and let that donor unveil the name of the new cancer center.  With the donation, they have been given the right to name it and we're excited to have, not a Meadows Cancer Center, but a cancer center with a personal name on it," she reports.

The foundation initially set a goal of $2 million for the radiation center.

"We have seen a huge response from the community and we've blown right through that.  We are continuing the campaign and will do so through the end of the year," Hightower says.

The money is being used to help pay for the building and equipment and to  provide the staff needed to take care of cancer patients and their families.

"We want to provide a holistic approach to treating cancer.  Not just medicine, not just doctors, but having support groups, the nutritional aspects and helping individuals and families get through this process," she says.