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April 22--  A state senator believes America's future is dim unless there's a spiritual reawakening in the country that reverberates throughout the halls of Congress.

"I've come to believe that our problems are ninety percent spiritual and they're not going to be fixed with changes to policy.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't work on good policy, but we should work on policies that encourage good behavior," Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons told the Vidalia Rotary Club.

{mosimage}The former President Pro Tem of the Georgia Senate believes federal and state government programs are unsustainable.

"Medicaid is a huge consumer of dollars.  The Department of Juvenile Justice is growing.  The Department of Family and Children's Services is growing.  One in seven people is now on food stamps.  Disabiltiy in the social security system is growing.  The prison system is growing and in our court sysem almost someone in every family is tied up in court somehow.  This is not sustainable, not to mention we've already got huge debt, and it's not getting better," he said.

"All these problems get fixed when you have a different view.  When you look at things spiritually, taking care of the poor has a different perspective because you think about it in terms of helping as part of disciipleship, not just a giveaway.

" Their policies are built to encourage more dependency.  For those of us in elective office, we've got to make some real tough decisions.  We can't continue down this road and expect the family to come back together.  Half the kids are born to single parents now.  You can't build a fatherless nation.

"It's almost politically incorrect to be a Christian today.  That's certainly not how the country was founded.  We are a pluralistic society and I understand that and I support that, but I'm concerned about where we are and where we're going.  Not financially because that's a result of where we are spiritually," he said.

Senator Williams believes the country has been in decline for the last 50 years and we are now seeing the results.

"Since the 60's we've been in moral decline.  We all can take some responsibility for that.  I can and and we all need to do some repenting.  As a nation, we're not as good as we were and we're suffering the consquences of it.  Things like family have to become first again.

"George Washington had some warnings for us in his farewell address.  He said don't forget your religion, don't get too tied up in foreign affairs and cherish the public credit.  Those are the kinds of things that we've paid no attention to and now the chickens have come home to roost, Senator Williams said.