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April 11--  You can imagine the alarm when Vidalia School Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox saw a frontpage headline in the local newspaper this week that said, "Shooting at Vidalia High School."

There has been no shooting and Dr. Wilcox wants everybody to know the story was really about law enforcement training which occurred at Vidalia High School during Spring break.

"For those who read the article, it's pretty obvious what the intent was, but I'm a little nervy about the headline.  For people just glancing at the headline coming in a convenience store or what have you, they might think we've had a problem and we haven't.  There's been no shooting at the high school or any of our schools," he said.

The story was about local police officers training on how they would handle a shooter should someone ever invade the high school.  School officials and local police have been conferring on security concerns in the aftermath of what happened at the school in Newtown, Connecticut.