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--He's nowhere near clinching the nomination, but Ted Cruz announces former rival Carly Fiorina is his running mate. Donald Trump scoffs: "Cruz can't win. What's he doing picking a vice president?  Fiorina tells ABC's David Wright in a one-on-one interview that her past criticism of Cruz as a politician who “says whatever he needs to say to get elected” was made “in the heat of a political campaign.”
--In the day ahead Trump campaigns in Indiana and California; Cruz in Indiana; Kasich and Sanders in Oregon. No scheduled events for Hillary Clinton

A head on collision....mid air, between a bird and an American Airlines jet. Flight 2310 from Seattle-Tacoma to Dallas/Fort Worth returned to SeaTac after a bird the nose of the aircraft.  The bird left a dent but the jet with 156 aboard landed safely.

On the hot seat at a Capitol Hill members of the management team at Valeant Pharmaceuticals  - about the dramatic price increases on some of its critical medications. The committee took aim at the beleaguered drug-maker's business practices and tried to find out what will be done differently in the future.

--Democrats on Capitol Hill are warning of a major Zika outbreak in the US ... if Congress doesn't allocate 1-point-9 billion dollars to Zika prevention and research ... called for by the White House. But Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says Republicans are being cautious ... with the money.
South Korean athletes will be wearing Zika-proof Olympic uniforms at the games in Rio this summer.

There's a mumps outbreak at Harvard University. The Cambridge college has 40 confirmed cases since the end of February ... when the first case was reported. Many of those infected were vaccinated. Now the outbreak is threatening commencement activities.

Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been sentenced to 15 months behind bars for making illegal bank withdrawals to cover up allegations of sexual abuse.

The verdict is guilty...for 74-year-old former Oklahoma volunteer sheriff's deputy Robert Bates, who said he mistook his handgun for his Taser when he shot and killed an unarmed suspect last year. He was convicted of manslaughter.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine visited the crime scenes...where 8 family members were shot and killed...He called it "absolutely shocking." He added that there is no evidence anyone outside that family has reason to be concerned. The surviving children are doing well, but he's not sharing where they are or who is caring for them. DeWine said this was an “old fashioned cold blooded calculated massacre of 8 human beings.”

ABC News has learned prescription drugs were found in Prince's possession and at his home the day he died. It's still too early to know if the drugs had anything to do with his death.

Already serving 8 years for harboring mobster Whitey Bulger, his girlfriend Catherine Grieg faces more prison time Thursday - for refusing to snitch on accomplices. 

April 27--  If you're looking for a job, a good place to start is the Southeastern Technical College Job Fair Thursday from nine till noon on the Vidalia campus.

STC's Lance Helms reports 60 companies and agencies will be at the college to discuss jobs and careers with prospects.

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- A big primary night for the presidential front runners who built on their leads.  With Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island and Delaware in play, Republican Donald Trump swept all five states and Democrat Hillary Clinton took four of the five.  Bernie Sanders was able to beat Clinton in Rhode Island.  Neither Sanders, nor Republicans Ted Cruz and John Kasich say they'll drop-out.  Indiana is the next state in the primary cycle this coming Tuesday.
- Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen won the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate on Tuesday, defeating Rep.Donna Edwards in a long battle that divided fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill in a race to find a successor to retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled Wednesday for former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert in Chicago federal court. Attorneys for the 73-year-old say Hastert was admitted to a hospital in November, days after pleading guilty in his hush money case.  Defense Attorney Thomas Green saying Hastert suffered a stroke, received treatment for a blood infection, had two surgeries on his back, and nearly died.  The defense could use Hastert's health to try and spare him prison time for bank fraud.  The maximum sentence is five years.

The National Weather Service warned of the possibility of hail as big as grapefruits in some areas on Tuesday amid storms in parts of the central and eastern U.S. Hail as large as baseballs had been spotted in Kansas, with reports of smaller hail in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio and Texas. Western states were bracing for storms as well. The National Weather Service has confirmed one tornado near Bloomfield, Indiana thus far.

One of the eight relatives all killed "execution style" in rural Ohio suffered nine gunshot wounds, according to the local coroners offices. Two victims suffered five gunshot wounds; one was shot four times; and the others were shot once, twice or three times, the Pike County Coroner and Hamilton County Coroner said today. Officials did not identify which of the victims was shot how many times.  More than 300 tips have been received since Friday, all of which are being investigated, the Ohio Attorney General’s office said. 

The U.S. estimated that somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 foreign fighters a month used to flow into Iraq and Syria to join ISIS. But that's no longer the case according to Major General Pete Gersten who says "now that we've been fighting this enemy for a year, our estimates are down to around 200." The head of coalition operations in Baghdad attributes the sharp drop in numbers to increased coalition airstrikes and ISIS's battlefield losses. 

Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, filed paperwork stating that she doesn't know if her late brother had a will or trust -- in which case she and his half-siblings could inherit his estate. Nelson, Prince's only full sibling, filed the documents today with Carver County probate court in Minneapolis. Besides herself, Nelson lists as possible heirs, or "interested persons," Prince's five half-siblings. The documents don't mention Prince's two ex-wives.

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was indicted by a grand jury on Tuesday on a misdemeanor charge stemming from a domestic violence complaint by his ex-girlfriend. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and Texas A&M star was accused by ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley of hitting her and threatening to kill her during a night out on Jan. 30. Crowley said in court documents that Manziel struck her so hard that she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. The indictment accuses Manziel of striking Crowley and "forcing [her] into a vehicle and against a vehicle dashboard."

There are new calls to ban caffeine powder, including from the families of two young men who died after taking it. They have gone to Congress to ask for the FDA to ban the supplement. 

ABC News' Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser reports

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--Prime five states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island
--Trump: Harumph! After Kasich and Cruz announced an alliance aimed at stopping Trump, Trump said the two have "no path to victory."
--Veepstakes already?...With Cruz talking about his search for a vice president on his ticket ... Hillary Clinton is apparently starting a list of her own.

Mystery surrounds the killings of eight family members last week in southern Ohio.  State Attorney General Mike DeWine says he doesn't know yet whether a marijuana  grow operation or cockfighting was related to the shootings. DeWine’s office confirms there was a Facebook threat made against Chris Rhoden (16),  who was killed along with 7 relatives in Friday’s shooting spree.

As Summer approaches, gas prices continue their slow climb.   The increases are now pretty steady -- a few cents a week. The Energy Department reporting in the past week, the price of regular unleaded has gone up about 3 cents to 2-16 a gallon nationwide. 

President Obama announces more troops are on their way to Syria while on his scheduled diplomatic visit to Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Germany. President Obama says more troops are necessary in Syria to keep the momentum going in the fight against ISIS in both that country and Iraq.

A man who says he was sexually abused by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert decades ago, is now suing for not receiving more than a million dollars he's owed.  The person known as "Individual A" says he's still owed about one point eight million dollars from Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert to keep quiet about the alleged abuse. 

The task force investigating those random shootings in northern Colorado last year, which left two dead, is breaking its silence and has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday.

Iraqi security services informed their Swedish counterparts of a possible terror threat in the capital. They claim a group of seven to eight ISIS fighters have made their way to Sweden and are planning to strike against civilian targets in Stockholm, local paper Expressen reports. Sweden's security service has responded saying they are currently working to assess the information received and say the threat cannot be dismissed.

A small plane ... crashing in a neighborhood not far from the airport in Pompano Beach, Florida. The twin engine Beechcraft, according to the FAA, was practicing landing and take offs. The three survivors were pulled from the wreckage; all suffering burn injuries. Nobody on the ground was hurt.

A teen couple .. attending a prom in Wisconsin.. are expected to be okay.. after they were shot walking out of the festivities Saturday night.  18-year- old gunman, Jakob Wagner,  was fatally shot by an officer. Officials are still searching for a motive.

--There were almost 40 reports of hail from Texas to Michigan yesterday. Some areas got hail as large as baseballs, especially in and around the San Antonio-area. Hail also hit the Chicago-metro area producing snow-like piles in people's back yards.  This storm is done with Midwest and is actually bringing severe weather to the Northeast today with damaging winds and some hail possible from Baltimore to Philly and central New Jersey. Meteorologist say another storm system, even stronger is moving out of the Rockies today and will bring an even bigger severe weather threat possible a tornado outbreak in the center of the country.  The storms today will stretch from the Mexican border to Nebraska and Iowa, but the worst of the storms with possible strong and violent tornadoes are possible from Oklahoma City to Wichita and into Lincoln Nebraska.
--President Obama has signed a disaster declaration for Texas, ordering federal aid to supplement local recovery efforts in the state after a recent series of severe storms and floods.

30th anniversary of an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine in 1986, killing 47 site workers instantly and leading to the resettlement of over 350,000 people within a 300-square-mile area centered around 80 miles north of Kiev. At least 4,000 people have since been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and the United Nations-led Chernobyl Forum has forecasted an extra 9,000 cancer deaths as a result of the fallout - of which 60% hit neighboring Belarus. Radiation levels are still so high that a 16-mile radius remains sealed off, with the site only accessible through two checkpoints.

An attorney for quarterback Jonny Manziel expects an indictment to come down.  The 23-year-old faces the possibility of criminal charges related to a January incident involving his ex-girlfriend, who accused him of assaulting her at a Dallas hotel.

--Folks in the Crescent City for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest paid tribute to Prince with some of the city's signature "second lining."
--What will happen to Prince's estate? We spoke to a law firm that represented him.

Officials in rural Ohio are trying to gather clues leading to a suspect in the execution-style killings of 8 members of the same small-town family in Pike County.  Police now saying the killings were well-thought-out and planned ahead of time and it appears the killer - or killers - knew what they were doing - and took steps to cover their tracks. The state attorney general says they also found marijuana grow patches in three places at the crime scenes, but it's unclear if they are connected to the crimes.

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--The candidates have been focusing mainly on the five states that  hold primaries Tuesday: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Ted Cruz will be in Indiana; that state's contest is May 3rd.
--Conservative billionaire Charles Kock and Sen. Bernie Sanders may be on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but both are in agreement on one issue: the American economy is "rigged" in favor of the wealthy.  Koch said in an exclusive interview with ABC News that he and his brother "would like to get the money out" of the American political system despite the hundreds of millions his political network Freedom Partners have pumped into Republican campaigns over the past decade.

--A senior administration official confirms that President Obama will announce in Germany Monday that he's sending up to 250 additional military personnel to Syria to help local forces fight ISIS.  The added military presence will include a mix of special operations forces and support personnel.
--Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes stressed that while troops will be in “harm’s way” they are not being tasked with a combat mission. “Obviously any special forces troops that we deploy into Iraq or Syria are going to be combat equipped troops. They may be in circumstances where they find themselves in harm’s way because these are dangerous places,” Rhodes told reporters today.

An 18-year-old gunman who injured two teens outside a high school prom in northern Wisconsin Saturday night died after police shot him.  Police say the suspect showed up with a rifle outside Antigo High School in Antigo, and opened fire, injuring a male and female.

Rejecting a new offer from North Korea, President Obama, says "They're going to have to do better than that." That was the president's reaction in Germany after Pyongyang offered to curb its nuclear activities if the U-S stops annual joint military exercises with South Korea.

On the final day of his six-day international trip, President Obama will open and tour the Hannover Messe Trade fair with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Mr. Obama delivered remarks at the trade fairgrounds, then will meet with Merkel, French President Hollande, Italian Prime Minister Renzi, and British Prime Minister Cameron.

A wild week of violent weather could be in store for parts of the nation's midsection.

Police in North Wales, Pennsylvania ... saying an "altercation" between two church members led to a shooting ... and a death.  It happened at Keystone Fellowship Church.  Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele says a suspect is cooperating with police.

Delta Airlines is letting you book old-school style...for free.

--Seems like every big concert over the weekend mentioned Prince or covered one of his songs.
--On a rainy Sunday in Minneapolis, the bell tower at City Hall rang with the music of Prince...including "Kiss," "1999," Nothing Compares 2 U," and "When You Were Mine." 

Disney's "The Jungle Book" remains tops at the box office, pulling in a solid 60.8-million dollars in its second weekend.

Two Michigan water quality officials and one Flint utility worker ... are facing multiple felony charges in connection with the Flint water crisis ... including failure to treat the water and conspiracy to tamper with water tests and hide lead testing results. When asked whether he did anything criminally wrong in connection to the Flint water situation, Gov. Rick Snyder said, "I don't believe so." The two officials of the Michigan Department of Environment Quality have pleaded not guilty.

Lawyers for Volkswagen will appear in court in San Francisco to present a framework to compensate customers and get polluting vehicles off the road, after it was learned the company used software to evade US emissions rules. Any agreement could impact about 600-thousand diesel VWs in the US. Volkswagen admitted last year that it had planted a “defeat device” on some 11 million cars worldwide, so emission controls switched on only during pollution tests.

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--Ahead of the RNC Spring Meeting in Florida Thursday and Friday, Ted Cruz asserts he will have the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination before the convention in Cleveland.  Donald Trump was looking ahead to next week's contests. In between telling security to "get 'em out" when protestors erupted in Marlyand, Trump said "Go out and vote on Tuesday, go ahead, go ahead." Hillary Without mentioning any of her rivals by name, Clinton tells a Philly crowd "loose cannons have a way of misfiring."
--"My message to the delegates is I can win," proclaims John Kasich. "Being able to win Manhattan certainly charged me up," says Kasich of his one primary win Tuesday.

The death toll from the weekend7.8  earthquake in Ecuador has risen to 570 according to the country's president. Wednesday's 6.1 quake sent people into the streets again.

The United Nations refugee agency confirms a shipwreck in the Mediterranean last week left up to 500 people missing. The UN says human smugglers were trying to transfer a group of migrants from one boat to a larger boat already crowded with hundreds of people trying to get from Libya to Italy, when the larger boat capsized.

Another secret drug tunnel - nearly nine football fields in length. It's one of the longest drug tunnels ever found in southern California - and stretches from a house in Tijuana, Mexico to a fenced-in industrial lot in San Diego. A ton of cocaine and seven tons of pot were confiscated.

Officials say recent flooding in the Houston area has prompted concern about two dams that are at “extremely high risk.”  The storm-related death toll is up to eight.  Rescue crews have been going house to house by boat to see if anyone is still stranded after days of historic flooding.

President Obama and leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries posed for a group photo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The president stood next to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman for the photo. The GCC countries include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait. The president travels to London tonight. Before departing Saudi Arabia, the president will deliver a statement to the press (about 8:15pm ET)

US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power continues her 3-country Africa trip to meet with refugees fleeing terror group, Boko Haram

The family of a CIA contractor killed during the 2012 Benghazi attacks will now receive death benefits. CIA operative Glen Doherty was among the 4 killed in the 2012 terrorist attack. The CIA has agreed to expand survivor benefits for agency employees and contractors so that the family of Doherty who was unmarried and had no children can receive 400 thousand dollars in insurance.

Britian marks the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth with celebrations. Her majesty and her husband, Prince Philip meet well-wishers who started gathering at Windsor Castle overnight. At the same time in Hyde Park in London there will be a 21 gun salute. Activities will continue throughout the day in London and across the country. President Obama arrives in London Thursday evening.

The ceremonial lighting of the Olympic torch took place in Athens for the Rio Olympics. A Greek gymnast kicks off the journey – the first of roughly 12,000 athletes that will carry the torch to Brazil.

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--Donald Trump had a decisive victory in the New York Republican primary.Walking out to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York,” Trump took the podium at Trump Tower in Manhattan to give his victory speech. “I have to say to the people that know me the best, the people of New York, when they give us this kind of a vote and it's just incredible,” Trump said, adding, “We're going to end up at a very high level and get a lot more delegates than anybody projected, even in their wildest imaginations.”
--Hillary Clinton won the New York Democratic primary by a wide margin over Bernie Sanders. In her acceptance speech, Clinton said the win was deeply personal. "Today you proved, once again, there's no place like home," she said.
--After Tuesday’s New York primary, it is now mathematically impossible for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to clinch the Republican presidential nomination before the July convention using only bound, or pledged, delegates. Trumps won enough delegates to block Cruz from having any chance of reaching the requisite 1,237 delegates needed before this summer’s Republican National Convention.
--FAA records show the Cessna 750 Citation private jet that Donald Trump owns and flies on is not registered to fly.  The plane's registry expired on January 31st and has not been renewed.

--A fresh tremor rattled Ecuador overnight, a 6.1 magnitude jolt that was the strongest aftershock since a lethal earthquake killed hundreds of people on Saturday. There was no immediate report of further damage. The U.S. Geological Survey said the tremor was centered offshore at 3:33 a.m. local time. The previous strongest aftershock was magnitude 5.7. Ecuadorians have begun burying loved ones, while hopes faded that more survivors will be found.
--The official death toll from Ecuador's most-powerful earthquake in decades has risen to 480.   Deputy Interior Minister Diego Fuentes also says that 2,000 people had been reported as missing.  An 85-year old man was pulled alive from the rubble Tuesday; it's believed to be the first rescue in Pedernales since Sunday.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette will announce criminal charges today in connection with his ongoing investigation of the Flint drinking water crisis, three sources familiar with the investigation told the Free Press on Tuesday. Officials believe the city got artificially low lead readings because they didn't test the homes most at risk – those with lead service lines or other features putting them at high risk for lead. Among those to be charged is a City of Flint official who signed a document saying the homes Flint used to test tap water under the federal Lead and Copper Rule all had lead service lines – a statement investigators allege was false.

President Obama arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, after a stop in Ramstein, Germany... He'll meet with King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, and participate in a US embassy meet-and-greet.

US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power continues her 3-country Africa trip to meet with refugees fleeing terror group, Boko Haram

He spent two decades behind bars for two murders...a judge in Cook County Illinois ordered a new trial in January for Eddie Bolden, and prosecutors had planned to retry him...but they changed their minds...and today/Tuesday the 46-year-old was released.

Surveillance video at the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Texas shows a man dressed in SWAT-type tactical gear early Monday... An hour later 45-year-old fitness instructor Terri "Missy" Bevers arrived to hold a training session... The mother of three was later found dead by several of her students. The search is on for a suspect.

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New York is the center of the political universe in the day ahead.... Going into Tuesday's primary, Donald Trump is leading his GOP opponents by 33 points while Hillary Clinton has a 13-point edge over Bernie Sanders. Trump declares to a Buffalo audience: "We're gonna beat crooked Hillary so badly, that your heads will spin."

At least one American is among the more than 400 known dead after Saturday's devastating 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador. Search and rescue efforts continue.

Five deaths are blamed on flooding in Texas after more than a foot of rain fell in a day or so. Gov. Greg Abbott has declared states of emergency in nine counties. Bus and commuter train service was suspended and hundreds of thousands of school children were told to stay home. Severe storms with hail, gusty winds, and even isolated tornadoes are expected through Wednesday.

Twenty-eight people are dead and more than 300 were injured in a coordinated attack by the Taliban in Kabul. A car bombing began the attack Tuesday and was followed by small arms fire by Taliban fighters against leaders of the agency charged with protecting Afghan government officials.

President Obama starts a trip to Saudi Arabia, the UK, and Germany, heading for Riyadh via Ramstein Air Base in Germany. His trip to Saudi Arabia comes amid strained relations with the kingdom. US lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow Americans to sue the Saudi government for any part played in the September 11th attacks.  Most of the 19 hijackers in the 9/11 attacks were citizens of Saudi Arabia. 

National Day of Service and Remembrance for Victims and Survivors of Terrorism, marking the day in 1995 when Timothy McVeigh carried out America's worst homegrown terrorist attack, bombing the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  A Presidential Proclamation calls on all U.S. departments and agencies to display the Stars and Stripes at half-staff in honor of people who have lost their lives as a result of terrorism, and encourages all Americans to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and acts of community service.

A truly touching moment at the Boston Marathon, as survivors of the 2013 bombings crossed Boylston Street’s famed finish line at Monday's running. Adrianne Haslet was one of those who crossed the finish line, taking a step with her prosthetic leg Monday evening. President Obama tweeted: "Thank you, Adrianne, for being Boston Strong. Terror and bombs can't beat us. We carry on. We finish the race!

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland meets with Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

A ring once owned by Shirley Temple is expected to fetch more than 25-million dollars at an auction in New York.

The death toll grows from the 7.8 earthquake that hammered Ecuador's central coast. Government officials say more than 270 were killed, more than 25-hundred injured.

Rescuers in Japan face forecasts of foul weather as they try to find survivors from the country's twin earthquakes.

3 devastating earthquakes in 3 days have killed hundreds in Ecuador and dozens in Japan. They all struck along an area of seismic activity that spans from South America up and across the Pacific Ocean to Southeast Asia - it's known as the Ring of Fire. And with the West Coast of the United States along that line - experts say quakes like the ones seen this week could happen here.

It would be an unfortunate first. What's believed to be a drone crashed into a passenger jet as it landed in London Sunday afternoon.  British Aviation authorities are investigating.

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The candidates have been working crowds in New York ahead of Tuesdays' primary there.

No excuses now. C' had a 3-day extension! Today is the deadline for filing your tax returns.

Flash flooding a serious problem this morning from Texas to Kansas. Houston area schools are closed.

Tight security will be a feature of the Boston Marathon.  It was in 2013 when two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line, leaving three dead and over 260 wounded. Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost a leg in the attacks, is among those running again this year, raising money for the Limbs For Life foundation.

The Supreme Court hears a case that could shape the President's legacy, and impact 4-million undocumented immigrants. Did the President go too far in his executive actions deferring deportations? The programs have been on hold since last February while this gets ironed out.

Days after Russian jets buzzed a US destroyer in the Baltic Sea, we're learning of another close encounter. On Thursday a Russian fighter jet came within 50 feet of an American reconnaissance plane over the Baltic while it executed a barrel roll over the American plane.

A raucous session of Brazil's impeachment proceedings against the country's embattled president Dilma Rousseff went to a decisive vote Sunday. Pro and anti-government legislators shouted and shoved inside Congress in Brasilia, as they voted one by one. The impeachment vote now goes to the upper house there.

100th annual Pulitzer Prize winners and nominated finalists announced for awards in journalism, drama, letters and music by Prize administrator Mike Pride.  The ceremony takes place at Columbia University.

Disney's "The Jungle Book" had a huge opening weekend, raking in 103.6-million of the biggest April debuts ever.

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--Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders squared off in Brooklyn in their last debate before next week's New York primary. Clinton came under fire at last night's Democratic debate in Brooklyn over her refusal to release the transcripts of paid speeches she gave to corporations including some Wall Street banks. When asked by the moderators at the CNN debate, Clinton argued that there is no precedent to have presidential candidates release the transcripts of paid speeches, but if it becomes the new standard, she said that she would. "There are certain expectations when you run for president. This is a new one," she said. She has previously said she would be willing to release those transcripts "if everybody agrees to do it." "There are speeches for money on the other side, I know that," she said. Sen. Sanders then gleefully volunteered to release the transcripts for his paid speeches -- noting as he has in the past, that there are none.
--A Republican party gala in New York City drew the GOP hopefuls, and protestors.
--Former rival, former New York Gov. George Pataki endorses Kasich

For the first time we are hearing from Tianna Carruthers, one of the victims who survived the Uber driver shootings in Kalamazoo, MI back in February. Sitting in a wheelchair, Carruthers was overwhelmed with emotion as she discussed what life has been like since the shooting. “I’m struggling mentally, physically and emotionally."

President Obama is calling on the FCC to open up set-top cable boxes to competition. The Administration argues this will allow companies to create better quality products and more Americans to own these devices instead of renting them from cable companies. The White House is also announcing that Obama will sign an executive order calling on all executive agencies to report back in 60 days with areas that they can make further progress through similar “specific, pro-competition executive actions that empower and inform consumers, workers and entrepreneurs.”

A new survey by Consumer Reports finds 72 percent of current cable subscribers are happy with their service. While many people have "cut the cord," abandoning cable for streaming alternatives, the survey found about a third of people found it to be too much of a hassle to change services and others found they weren't going to save as much as they thought.

US officials say they are aware that a North Korean launch of a missile appears to have failed. US officials had said the mobile launch missile might have been able to reach as far as the US territory of Guam in the Pacific.

A Texas officer and father of six is in intensive care after being shot several times last night. Harris County Deputy Constable Alden Clopton is in the ICU at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center.

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake about 800 miles southwest of Tokyo has killed at least 9 people and injured more than 1100 others. Aftershocks continue in parts of Japan rocked by a strong earthquake and the search for survivors continues. Aftershocks continue to rattle buildings, homes and nerves of those trying to recover from yesterday’s quake in Kumamoto Prefecture. More than 16,000 people have been evacuated from the region. The quake also struck in the  vicinity of the country’s only online nuclear power plant in Sendai.

The Department of Justice says it's looking over a federal lawsuit Microsoft filed over the D-O-J's use of secret data requests. They bar companies from letting customers know when investigators ask for their emails and other data.

It's coming, but you have until Monday, April 18th to file your taxes.

The Obama Administration continues putting pressure on Congressional Republicans to fully fund the fight against the Zika virus. This after warning this week the consequences for expecting mothers are more serious than originally thought.

Top US military officials in Afghanistan say that the Islamic State's footprint there is shrinking. This--as the US military evaluates whether the 9,800 troops there will need to remain beyond this year.

A California review board is recommending the Prison parole former Charles Manson family member Leslie Van Houten.The decision now rests in the hands of Governor Jerry Brown.

The start of the Atlantic hurricane season is less than 2 months away and forecasters predict last year’s quiet season – won’t be a repeat.

A Michigan couple facing up to three months in jail for unpaid library fees have faced a judge. Cathy and Melvin Duren say they've returned one of the overdue books but are unable to find a Dr. Seuss book checked out for their son.

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--The Democratic candidates square off in a televised debate from Brooklyn, New York, Thursday days ahead of the state's primary. Bernie Sanders declares to a large open air gathering in lower Manhattan, "I believe we're gonna win here in New York next Tuesday." Hillary Clinton visited with striking CWA union members in New York, who began a walkout against Verizon
--ABC News confirms that the state's attorney in Florida has decided not to move forward with criminal charges against Trump campaign manger Corey Lewandowski in connection with the incident involving former Brietbart reporter Michelle Fields.  The decision is expected to be formally announced Thursday.

--The link between the Zika virus and a birth defect is now confirmed. In releasing a report, C-D-C Director Dr. Tom Frieden says "There is no longer any doubt that Zika causes microcephaly."
--The White House says Congress has yet to fund measures to prevent the virus' spread in the US, spokesman Josh Earnest saying lawmakers' actions to this point have been like 'handing out umbrellas in the advance of a hurricane."

After getting an update on the battle against ISIS from his national security team at CIA Headquarters, President Obama said "This remains a difficult fight and a complex one."

First responders to the December 2nd terrorist attack in San Bernardino will be honored at an awards ceremony featuring California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

--US officials say Russian attack jets buzzed a US Navy destroyer in the Baltic Sea multiple times Monday and Tuesday.
The crews of the Russian Aerospace Forces' Sukhoi Su-24 planes observed all safety precautions when passing the USS Donald Cook destroyer in neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov has said. "After detecting the ship within their visibility range, the Russian pilots diverted from it with all safety precautions," he told reporters on Thursday.
--The crew aboard the USS Donald Cook recorded the Russian fighters as they flew dangerously close to the ship, one pass as close as 30 feet. 

Russia's President Vladimir Putin holds his annual call-in show Thursday. The Kremlin has been sifting through more than 1 million questions for the highly staged marathon broadcast.

The number of airbags that need to be replaced could increase dramatically. NHTSA says there are 85 million inflators out there with the same kind of propellant… which have not been recalled. Changes in the propellant can cause the metal canisters holding the airbag to break apart causing serious injury and even death. The government has reportedly told Takata  they will have to be replaced too …unless the company can prove they are safe. Nearly 29 million inflators have been recalled. So this could potentially take the number over 100 million.

President Obama welcomes veterans groups to the White House, to help raise awareness of our nation’s heroes who battle the physical and psychological damages of war.

It was two years ago, April 14, 2014, when the terror group Boko Haram staged a mass abduction of nearly 300 school girls from the town of Chibok, Nigeria. Most remain missing.

The Golden State Warriors went for an NBA record 73 wins in their game against Memphis
Fans galore turned out for the swan song of LA Lakers forward Kobe Bryant

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--Donald Trump candidate Donald Trump ratchets up his criticism of the Republican Party and its process for selecting delegates for the GOP nomination, telling ABC's Jonathan Karl: "When you get the votes, you should win."
--"I should not be considered. Period. End of story." So says House Speaker Paul Ryan about calls for him to enter the Republican race. He repeated "count me out," but curiosity persists. Ryan had ruled out becoming House Speaker last year, before accepting the position.
--Bill Clinton tells a NYC audience his wife "is better qualified to be president for this time than I was when I ran."

Thousands of Verizon workers in the Northeast went on strike Wednesday morning. The workers have been working without a contract since last summer after being unable to negotiate a deal. Service is not expected to be impacted.

A Texas teenager who used an "affluenza" defense following a deadly drunken-driving wreck will appear in adult court facing the prospect of more jail time. Ethan Couch will appear before a Fort Worth judge who could order more jail time as part of the conditions of his adult probation.

As Congressional Republicans and the administration spar over how much money to allocate to the fight against Zika virus, the House passed a bill to offer incentives to companies working on drugs to treat Zika.  The Senate-passed measure adds the virus to a list of tropical diseases covered under a voucher program that fast tracks Food and Drug Administration approval.

A new round of peace talks to try and bring an end to the conflict in Syria resumes Wednesday in Geneva. 

Studying the mating habits of goldfish? We're getting a preview of the wasteful government spending described in the annual Congressional Pig Book that a watch dog group will release in the day ahead.

A Columbus, Ohio SWAT officer dies after being shot over the weekend during a standoff. 54-year-old Steven Smith was a 27-year-veteran of the force. Columbus resident Lincoln Rutledge has been denied bond and remains jailed on charges including felonious assault.

A story of survival... A 72-year-old Arizona woman rescued after she and her dog got stranded on a remote stretch of road about an hour and a half outside of Phoenix.  She ran out of gas and depleted the charge on her hybrid car.  For nine days and nights they survived in the wilderness. Tuesday the same rescue pilot spotted an 86-year-old who'd been stranded for a few days after car trouble in Mojave County.

President Obama welcomes students to the White House Science Fair where he will tour projects and deliver remarks. Later he travels to CIA headquarters where he will convene his National Security Council to review the fight against ISIS.

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte is the latest Republican senator to meet with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland...She agrees with the Republican leadership that the next president should make the appointment.

A study in the journal Nature, asserts restoration of various finger, hand and wrist movement in a paralyzed human has been achieved for the first time in quadriplegic patients by using signals recorded from the patient's motor cortex.

There's video that could be related to the death of N-F-L star Will Smith ... who was shot and killed after a traffic accident.  Surveillance video ... appearing to show a car that looks like Smith's ... rear-ending a Hummer and then driving away.  Moments later ... the man in that Hummer would shoot Smith dead.  28-year-old Cardell Hayes has been charged in the incident. 

Bill Cosby tries again to get the criminal charges against him thrown out. 

Lakers star Kobe Bryant plays his final NBA game before retirement.

Wednesday is National Scrabble Day.

VOTE 2016
--Clinton, Sanders and Trump have been scrapping for votes in New York, ahead of next weeks' primary. between yelling "get 'em out" when protestors interrupt...lashes out at Clinton: "Her whole life has been a big fat beautiful lie."  Ted Cruz campaigning in California mocked .
--The National Archives will release hundreds of documents related to Donald Trump's communication with the Bill Clinton White House.
--A joke from New York Mayor Bill de Blasio at a weekend event with Hillary Clinton—is making waves on the internet for controversial—and some say racist—undertones.

Federal health officials say the threat of Zika virus in the US is scarier than first believed. The mosquito that spreads the virus is in 30 states now.

Capitol Police had their hands full Monday...They say they arrested more than 400 protesters in front of the U-S Capitol steps...they were staging a "sit-in"...calling for taking big-donor money out of politics. Police needed several buses to haul people away.

The group "American Rivers" announces its annual list of the country's most endangered rivers. Number one is the ACF River Basin in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

Hail the size of tennis balls broke windshields in parts of Texas.

It was a year ago, April 12, 2015, that Freddie Gray was arrested in Baltimore. His death a week later lead to violent protests and charges against six officers.

Rallies for and against a North Carolina law limiting protections for the LGBT community drew hundreds to Raleigh.

A hearing scheduled Tuesday could determine whether Bill Cosby's wife has to keep testifying in proceedings against her husband.

Police say body parts found in a recycling bin are believed to be those of a 40-year-old mother and nurse from Renton, Washington reported missing Saturday.  37-year-old John Robert Charlton is under arrest.

A caper style bank robbery in New York. Thieves got into an HSBC branch in Brooklyn through the roof over the weekend, making off with 280-thousand dollars in cash and an unknown amount of jewelry. The theft was not detected until Monday.

Which prepaid cards are best? Consumer reports releases ratings on 20 different prepaid cards.

VOTE 2016
-Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders thinks Hillary Clinton's campaign is done playing nice.  After one of the nastiest weeks in the Democratic race where the candidates sparred over who was qualified to be Commander-in-Chief, Sanders told ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" the Clinton campaign has shifted its tone towards his campaign since his recent wins.  "There was a change in tone on the part of the Clinton people," he said. "They said we're not going to be nice to Bernie Sanders anymore, we're getting beaten every week. We're going to start beating him up when we go to New York City."   Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver tells ABC's Powerhouse Politics Podcast there will be an open Democratic convention in Philadelphia this July.
- Secretary Hillary Clinton downplayed the idea of a contested convention, telling CNN she'll have enough delegates to win the Democratic presidential nomination before the DNC.
-  Former President Bill Clinton campaigning for his wife Sunday in New York City addressed criticisms of his 1994 crime bill - which critics say disproportionately hurt African-Americans. At a prominent black church,  President Clinton seemed to express some regret over the legislation - which imposed longer prison sentences.
- Donald Trump blasted the a satirical front-page editorial on what a Trump presidency would bring.  Speaking in Rochester, NY Sunday, Trump said: "How about that stupid Boston Globe -  it's worthless, it sold for a dollar."  The Globe's fake front page touched on mass deportations and trade wars.
--Ted Cruz won all 13 delegates at stake at the Colorado state convention on Saturday, swiftly navigating its complex multilevel process to sweep the state's 34 available delegate slots and shut out his rivals.

A US Naval officer has been charged with espionage. Lieutenant Commander Edward Lin is believed to have shared intelligence-gathering secrets with either China or Taiwan. The Taiwan-born Lin was arrested nearly 8 months ago somewhere in the Pacific region trying to board an aircraft that was going to take him to an unspecified foreign country.  For 8 months the Navy didn't talk about this incident at all.  The only reason his case came to light was because of a public hearing last Friday in Norfolk, Virginia to determine if he'll face a court-martial. It's very rare to have anyone in the US military involved in an espionage case.

Seoul officials say a colonel from North Korea's military spy agency fled to South Korea last year in an unusual case of a senior-level defection. The announcement came three days after South Korea revealed that 13 North Koreans working at the same restaurant in a foreign country had defected to the South. South Korean media reported that the restaurant is located in the eastern Chinese city of Ningbo. The colonel who defected worked for the North Korean military's General Reconnaissance Bureau before fleeing to South Korea, according to Seoul's Defense and Unification ministries. Both ministries refused to provide further details, including a motive for the defection. The Unification Ministry said that a North Korean diplomat based in Africa separately defected to South Korea last year. It didn't elaborate.

- Protesters plan a sit-in at the North Carolina State capital Monday, over so-called Religious Freedom Laws that critics say legalize discrimination by businesses against gay and transgender people - - some mandating what public bathrooms they can use.
- People who bought Bruce Springsteen tickets from the Greensboro Coliseum in person can get their refund starting Monday.  The box office will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  People who bought tickets online have already been automatically refunded.

A man was arrested Sunday in the shooting death of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith, who helped the team win Super Bowl XLIV, its only championship. Smith was rear-ended while driving in New Orleans's Lower Garden District on Saturday night, causing him to hit a vehicle in front of him, police said. The driver of the vehicle that hit Smith, identified by police as Cardell Hayes, "exchanged words" with the former football player after the crash. Hayes, 28, then drew a handgun and shot Smith several times, police said.

Belgium's prime minister acknowledged Wednesday that the country has made mistakes in combating violent extremism but rejected the notion that it has become Europe's weakest link in efforts to eradicate the threat.  "In the fight against terrorism, in all countries in the world and in Europe, there have been successes and there have been failures," Prime Minister Charles Michel said.

Secretary of State Kerry is in Japan for two days of G7 talks in Hiroshima, the first-ever visit by an American Secretary of State to the atom-bombed city. Kerry's trip is seen as possibly laying the foundation for a trip by President Obama next month when he comes to Japan for a Group of 7 summit.

The Hindu temple in southern India was packed with thousands for a religious festival early Sunday when the fireworks began — an unauthorized pyrotechnic display that went horribly wrong. Explosions and a massive fire swept rapidly through the Puttingal temple complex about 3 a.m. in the village of Paravoor, killing 102 people and injuring 380 others, according to officials.

India got its own taste of glamor as Bollywood royalty met real-life royalty at a glittering gala to honor the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Sunday during their visit to India.

Danny Willett won the 80th Masters after Jordan Spieth's collapse Sunday at Augusta National. Willett shot a 67 to match the lowest round of the weekend, good enough for a 5-under 283 overall. He was assured of his first major title when Spieth made bogey at the 17th hole. Spieth had a five-shot lead at the turn but totally collapsed on the back side, dumping two balls in the water at No. 12 for a quadruple-bogey 7. He finished tied for second.

The defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors ended the San Antonio Spurs' undefeated home record beating them Sunday night 92-86.  The Warriors tied the 1995-1996 Bulls record of 72 wins in a season.  They go for the all-time record of 73 Wednesday night versus Memphis.

At the MTV Movie Awards which aired Sunday night, the President was featured in a PSA inspired by the My Brother’s Keeper initiative. The video highlights the critical importance of investing in the future of young people and previews a new public engagement campaign..

Melissa McCarthy was "The Boss" of the multiplexes. The comedy raked in 23-and-a-half-million dollars, according to studio estimates--just ahead of "Batman v Superman." "Zootopia" was third.

April 8--  VOTE 2016
--Ted Cruz was in New York City, trying to build on his impressive win in Wisconsin, and to shake memories of his "New York values" jab.  John Kasich defends staying in the race, and tells New Yorkers Donald Trump would have a steep learning curve as president.
--A rare move by a presidential candidate - Donald Trump has cleared his schedule for unknown reasons.
--At a Philadelphia rally, Bill Clinton fired back after getting interrupted several times by protesters from Black Lives Matter - who say the 1994 crime bill he signed as President put a generation of black men behind bars with its increased sentencing provisions.


The search continues for one of two patients who escaped from a Washington state psychiatric hospital. One, 59 yr. old Mark Adams, was caught about 30 miles north of Western State Hospital, where he and fellow patient Anthony Garver escaped Wednesday night. Police believe Garver...accused of torturing a woman to death but found too mentally ill for trial... bought a bus ticket out of Seattle.


A vigil was held in Austin at the University of Texas for 18-year-old Haruka Weiser - found dead Tuesday on campus. Police have ruled it a homicide - and are asking for the public's help in identifying  a man seen on surveillance video lurking on a bicycle around the time she was last seen Sunday night. 


Vice President Joe Biden paired up with Lady Gaga to tackle the problem of sexual assaults on college campuses. The duo spoke to students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas as part of the vice president's "It's On Us" campaign, and Gaga performed her moving hit "Til It Happens To You."


Under an agreement with California prosecutors, Uber agrees to pay at least $10 million to settle allegations that it misled passengers about the quality of its driver background checks.


President Obama continues to push Senate Republicans to hold a hearing on his Supreme Court nominee. At the University of Chicago Law School, Mr. Obama defended his pick, Judge Merrick Garland, as a highly qualified candidate.  Republican Chair of the Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley agreed to meet with Garland, but only to tell him there are no plans for nomination hearings.


Amtrak is under orders to retrain its workers about safety after the deadly crash of a train near Philadelphia.  The Federal Railroad Administration instructed Amtrak to drill workers on safety basics after an apparent breakdown in protocol contributed to the deaths of two workmen on the same track as train 89 from New York to Savannah.


A noisy interruption during Thursday's Pentagon briefing. Col. Steve Warren was speaking from the US Embassy in Baghdad when the embassy conducted a test of its alert system....that included a "duck and cover" warning.

VOTE 2016
--A day after getting trounced by Ted Cruz in Wisconsin, Donald Trump was in friendlier territory, campaigning in New York. Daughter Ivanka introduced Trump at his appearance in Bethpage. Cruz got an unfriendly greeting at a New York eatery "He has no business being in the Bronx! This is an immigrant community!"
--Cruz sat down for an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday
--Bernie Sanders tells ABC's Cecilia Vega "I think we have the path toward victory."
--In the day ahead, Cruz and Kasich will be in Brooklyn. Sanders will be in Philly. Hillary Clinton does fundraising in Denver and Columbus.

Police in Lakewood, WA are warning residents after two dangerous, mentally ill men escaped from Western State Hospital Wednesday evening. Mark Alexander Adams and Anthony Garver were last seen at about 6 p.m. at the hospital's dining hall, according to Lakewood police. The men were housed in the hospital's locked civil ward and officials believe they escaped through a loose window in their room. Both men arrived at the hospital in February and hospital staff says both men are considered "dangerous to others."

Belgium's prime minister acknowledged Wednesday that the country has made mistakes in combating violent extremism but rejected the notion that it has become Europe's weakest link in efforts to eradicate the threat.  "In the fight against terrorism, in all countries in the world and in Europe, there have been successes and there have been failures," Prime Minister Charles Michel said.

A police guard had to escort former coal executive Don Blankenship to his car as families of the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster heckled him outside court in Charleston, West Virginia. A federal judge sentenced Blankenship to one year in prison for his role in the deadliest US mine explosion in four decades.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert asked a court for leniency. Later this month a judge will sentence the former Speaker in  a case connected to paying someone to stay quiet about sexual misconduct.

The chief of staff for former Republican Congressman Paul Broun is facing an FBI investigation and has been indicted for allegedly misusing taxpayer funds and trying to cover it up.  45-year-old David Bowser is accused of hiring a consultant to work on Broun's political campaigns, then paying him with congressional funds.

University of Texas police say local, state and federal law enforcement are helping in the investigation of the homicide on the Austin campus.

A Connecticut middle school teacher probably should have known better but now faces charges.  Jason Adams, a science teacher at Newtown Middle School, was seen entering the building with a gun. Adams has a valid pistol permit but guns are not allowed on school grounds.  He was charged, released and is due in court later this month. 

A Takata air bag inflator is blamed in the death of another driver more than a year after the government ordered them recalled. 

A police officer with the San Antonio Independent School District is on leave pending an investigation into the possible use of excessive posted online showing the officer body slamming a 12-year-old girl to the floor, after 2 students became verbally aggressive toward each other at Rhodes Middle School last week. School officials have not identified those involved.

VOTE 2016
--Preliminary info suggests Cruz and Sanders ahead, just before the polls closed in Wisconsin's primary. Among Ted Cruz supporters, only a quarter are excited about what he’d do as president – suggesting he’s got more anti-Trump than pro-Cruz support.
--Trump and Cruz campaign in New York in the day ahead. Hillary Clinton and Sanders will be in Pennsylvania. John Kasich delivers his state-of-the-state address in Marietta, Ohio.

Trust your investment adviser? Making sure they put your interests...and not theirs...first, is the aim of the final version of a new rule from the Obama administration. Labor Secretary Tom Perez says the rule will make sure Americans headed to retirement get good advice.

San Francisco will become the first city in the nation to offer a full six-week-paid parental leave. A portion of the cost is already picked up by the state, but businesses will have to make up the difference. Businesses worry this is an added expense they can't afford.

A malware attack on a DC area hospital group's computer system has led to a federal warning... Homeland Security officials have issued an alert to hospitals and health care providers, to be on watch for malicious software known as ransomware.

Wind whipped grass fires in Woodward and Logan Counties in Oklahoma have prompted some evacuations of homes and businesses.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed House Bill 1523 Tuesday, which opponents say uses religion as an excuse to discriminate against LGBT Mississippians.

Pope Francis holds weekly audience with pilgrims, including five-year-old Lizzy Myers from Ohio whose parents created a "visual bucket list" for her as she is slowly going blind.

The release of 911 calls reporting a "super crazy" Uber driver traveling dangerously, nearly an hour before the start of a spate of shootings that left six people dead and others severely injured in Kalamazoo, Michigan in February raised some concerns after it was revealed that the caller had been transferred not once but twice to different dispatchers that evening.

Authorities saying a woman's body discovered on Tuesday in a creek on the University of Texas at Austin campus ... could be the result of a homicide.  No cause of death reported.

A passenger says he was kicked off a flight because he was too big to fit in a seat.

The University of Connecticut completed its historic run to a fourth consecutive national championship with an 82-51 win over Syracuse on Tuesday in Indianapolis. Breanna Stewart, Moriah Jefferson and Morgan Tuck became the only players in NCAA college basketball history, men or women, to win four titles. The championship also marked the 11th overall for Huskies coach Geno Auriemma, who moved past legendary UCLA men's coach John Wooden.

VOTE 2016
--The latest polls find Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton, ahead of Tuesdays' Wisconsin primary. Ted Cruz was maintaining a lead over Donald Trump in polls. Melania Trump made a rare appearance for her husband Monday night.
--"I'm not dropping out," says John Kasich, despite repeated calls from Trump to leave the race.
--Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton finally agree on another New York debate, next week

Speed doesn't appear to be factor in Sunday's deadly Amtrak derailment near Philadelphia. The N-T-S-B says the train was going  a little under the speed limit of 110 miles per hour. Officials are still checking the train's braking systems.

Terrorism experts and mass-murder researchers ... saying April marks the start of what one group calls "the killing season" ... an apparently popular time to carry out attacks. The Director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center ... says there's typically a spike in mass killings around this time of year.

--The most recent clipper spread a large swath of snow from Buffalo to Boston on Monday. Widespread 3-6" was reported in that corridor with a couple of areas receiving more than that. The 2 jackpot areas were southeast Mass and Rhode Island with 6-9" reported and East Central New York where 6-7" were reported.  
--Despite warnings from meteorologists - the snow caused numerous issues in New York State. Hazardous driving conditions from Buffalo to Boston with several accidents reported.  3 Major accidents were reported in Upstate New York on Monday. This includes a van carrying 13 people (1 dead from another vehicle), a 15 car accident including a Bus and 3 Tractor trailers, and a 6 car pileup with 2 tractor trailer.

Police say there's not much left of a helicopter that crashed and burned in eastern Tennessee. Five were killed when the sightseeing helicopter went down near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The U-S Justice Department is now investigating what some are calling the biggest data leak in history. Called the Panama involves world leaders and some of them are accused of hiding their money, in many cases, in an effort to evade taxes.

Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland on Capitol Hill for meetings with Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

On the same day a JetBlue flight attendant makes a court appearance in Los Angeles on charges she tried to fly with close to 70 pounds of cocaine in her luggage home to New York, now two former baggage handlers at LAX have been arrested.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, declared so by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. The majority of states now have laws limiting or prohibiting the use of wireless devices at the wheel. Despite the laws and the public awareness campaigns, statistics show that nearly nine in ten drivers engaged in at least one risky behavior in the past month.

President Obama meets with Defense Secretary Ash Carter in the Oval Office Tuesday afternoon. Later he and vice president Biden meet with Combatant Commanders and Join Chiefs of Staff and then host a dinner in their honor.

--A last-second buzzer beater gave the Villanova Wildcats the NCAA men's basketball championship Monday night. Kris Jenkins sank a three-pointer as time expired giving the Wildcats the 77-74 victory for the school's first national championship in 31 years.
--UConn and Syracuse face off in the NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship in Indianapolis Tuesday.