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Federal officials have obtained a warrant to begin searching emails that could pertain to the Hillary Clinton email probe.  Republicans are praising FBI Director James Comey; Democrats are rallying against him -- including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who wrote a scathing letter to Comey criticizing him for putting the Bureau squarely in the middle of the 2016 presidential election. Former US Attorney General Eric Holder and other former federal prosecutors have also signed a letter critical of Comey, who last week, sent a letter to Congress that his agents found emails that could be relevant to the Clinton private server probe - during their investigation of Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal.  Federal authorities looking into the Anthony Weiner matter first discovered the emails potentially-related to Clinton probe weeks ago and questions remain over why it took so long for Comey to be informed. Now Comey has an obligation to quickly determine whether this is a significant development.

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-- An ABC News poll out Sunday shows a slim point separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with only 9 days until Election Day.  About a third of likely voters say they are now less likely to support Clinton – this following the FBI announcement it's investigating new emails that could pertain to Clinton's private server probe.   The polls were already tightening, but now Clinton leads by just one point.  46-45

-- Donald Trump makes two campaign appearances on Monday in Michigan, a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988. Recent polls have the New York real estate developer within striking distance of Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton in Michigan and Trump staffers hope last week’s decision by FBI Dir. James Comey on the probe into Clinton’s personal emails pushes the GOP nominee over the top. Clinton stumps in Ohio.

Likely voters see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump equally unfavorably, with a nearly complete partisan split in views of the two: testament both to the unprecedented unpopularity of the candidates and the level of division between their opposing camps.  These divisions, along with partisan predispositions, help explain the close contest, unchanged in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll at 46-45 per cent, Clinton-Trump, with 4 per cent for Gary Johnson and 2 per cent for Jill Stein.

Italy's most powerful earthquake in 30 years struck Sunday morning close to the same location as that massive quake in August. It was a powerful 6.6 magnitude and it was centered outside of the historic town of Norcia in Umbria. People were sent running into the street as clouds of dust and stones from falling buildings filled alleyways and roads. Emergency crews on the scene in minutes - rescuing the elderly and some of the town's clergy.

Jury selection begins Monday morning in the murder trial of a former police officer in South Carolina. Michael Slager stands accused of murder.  Slager has insisted that 50-year-old Walter Scott had grabbed his taser after a traffic stop and turned it against him. A witness’s cell-phone video told a different story: Slager is seen shooting Scott in the back as Scott tries to run away. Nearly 200 prospective jurors are expected at the courthouse in Charleston, North Carolina.

Authorities in Wisconsin have apprehended the suspect wanted for killing a Rusk County Sheriff's deputy Saturday night. Deputy Dan Glaze called in that he had found a suspicious vehicle, and when backup arrived, they found him shot dead in his vehicle. It sparked a massive manhunt - 43-year-old Doug Nitek captured about 12 hours later.

A union-led effort helping improve homes and create jobs in Detroit is being expanded to other Rust Belt cities.
The goal is to spur economic development while building and renovating hundreds of houses in eight more cities, including Minneapolis, St. Louis, Cleveland and part of a more than two-billion-dollar effort by the AFL-CIO, called the Housing Investment Trust. No matching funds are required from the cities. Supporters say more than 25-thousand new jobs are expected to be created, including over nine-thousand permanent and temporary construction jobs. 

President Obama and the First Lady welcome children of military families to the South Lawn for the White House's annual Halloween trick-or-treat.

A campaign plane carrying Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence skidded off a runway shortly after landing at New York’s LaGuardia Airport Thursday night. The plane stopped at a barrier just feet from a busy highway that runs past the airport. Pence canceled his appearance at a fundraiser at Trump Tower, but he will be back on the campaign trail Friday after making an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America."  Donald Trump was speaking at a rally in Ohio when the plane incident happened, and after telling the crowd everyone was okay, he took the opportunity to again tout his decision to choose Pence as his running mate. 

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--Speaking in Ohio, Donald Trump questioned why the election was even being held, saying that Hillary Clinton's policies are "so bad." "In just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right?" he said. "Why are we even having it for? What are we having it for? Her policies are so bad. Boy, do we have a big difference."
--President Barack Obama will hold an evening rally for Clinton in Orlando, along the "I-4 corridor" that's home to large numbers of potentially persuadable voters. White House officials say Obama will be traveling to boost Clinton nearly every day until Election Day.

Hillary Clinton made no mention of the latest Wikileaks revelations as she campaigned in North Carolina alongside First Lady Michelle Obama.  In their first joint campaign appearance, Obama and Clinton made a public show of sisterhood and mutual admiration as the current first lady, a star on the campaign trail, sought to use her soaring popularity to boost the former first lady into the Oval Office. The latest Wikileaks email - which ABC News has not confirmed the accuracy of -  shows an aide to Bill Clinton detailing how he pressured corporate donors to enrich the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons themselves.

The leaders of an armed group that took over a national wildlife refuge in rural Oregon have been found not guilty of conspiracy and possession of firearms at a federal facility. A jury on Thursday exonerated brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy and five others of conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Police arrested 141 people at a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota Thursday as officers attempted to disperse the crowd, authorities said.   Officers also used pepper spray against protesters who police said were throwing things at them and refusing to comply with law enforcement's orders.

Sexual assault, false imprisonment and strangulation are among the charges against a University of Wisconson-Madison student. 20-year-old Alex Cook, already accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his apartment after a date this month was charged Thursday with sexually assaulting four other women since early 2015.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys make closing arguments Friday in the New Jersey courtroom where two former allies of Gov. Chris Christie are on trial for their role in a scheme known as Bridgegate.

Iraq's elite counter-terrorism forces that are spearheading the offensive, known as the Golden Division, have now reached Tub Zawa, just five miles from Mosul. Only the village of Bazwaia and a few ISIS military camps separate them from the city's eastern limits. However, these troops have now paused their advance and are waiting for other U.S.-backed forces to close in from the south and northeast.

No parole for Charles "Tex" Watson, the self-described "right-hand man" of murderous cult leader Charles Manson.  Watson was up for parole for the 17th time -  47 years after he helped plan and participated in the slayings of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six others in 1969. California officials denied Watson's parole Thursday.

Doug Nash held his wife Sylvia as her eyes rolled back and she slumped in his arms. Just hours before she had been healthy and happy, he said, but he knew then that his partner of five years was dead. "In my arms. That'll haunt me for the rest of my life," he told ABC News in an interview to be broadcast Friday on "20/20." "The vision of her face, just inches away from mine, and those eyes suddenly de-focusing on mine." Doug said he believes that his wife was poisoned by what a fringe church calls a "miracle cure" for a number of serious diseases -- a chemical solution she took just minutes before suffering the first symptoms that ended in her death in 2009.  

The Chicago Cubs host their first World Series game in over 71 years Friday night as the Cubs host the Cleveland Indians for Game 3 at Wrigley Field.

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--In an exclusive interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, Donald Trump blames President Obama and Hillary Clinton for a power vacuum in the Middle East after US forces pulled out of Iraq. He calls the US strategy "stupid." And he says he'll teach military experts "a couple of things about" the fight to retake Mosul. Trump also doubled down on his assertion that slain Capt. Humayan Khan "would be alive today" if Trump had been President. Khan's father tells ABC News "this is the most cruel thing you can say to grieving parents."

Donald Trump’s supporters are ramping up their intention to vote, edging him closer to Hillary Clinton. And anxiety about a Trump presidency, while high, is off its peak – now rivaled by discomfort with Clinton.  Sixty-one percent of likely voters say they’re anxious about the possibility of Trump as president, with nearly half “very” anxious. But that’s down from 68 percent in June, and anxiety about Clinton has moved the other way, up 5 points to 56 percent in this ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll.

Emails released by Wikileaks indicate aides to Hillary Clinton were worried after President Obama said publicly he learned about her private email server through news reports given that the two emailed each other. Spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday yes, President Obama exchanged emails with Clinton when she was Secretary of State but no, the president had no knowledge of her server or how she was conducting email. The emails from Wikileaks have not been independently verified by ABC News.

A new study says pedestrian deaths are on the rise among young people. Safe Kids Worldwide says school zones remain a dangerous area for kids, and it comes at a time when federal regulators say pedestrian deaths between the ages of 12 and 19 are up 13-percent.

Samsung is promising to climb out of the financial doldrums after being rocked by a crisis over the fiery Note7 smartphone. In financial filings made public Wednesday night, the company revealed that it’s third quarter (ending Sept. 30) profit was down 30 percent year-on-year, "due to the Galaxy Note7 discontinuation,” as well as the strength of the South Korean currency relative to other currencies.

A pilot for a regional carrier was arrested in the cockpit Wednesday allegedly for being drunk. The Delta connection flight, operated by SkyWest, was just about to take off from Rapid City, South Dakota for Salt Lake City with 45 people on board.

Officials in central Italy say heavy rains were hampering rescue efforts at the epicenter of two powerful earthquakes close to where a massive earthquake in August killed nearly 300 people.

The Pentagon says airstrikes in eastern Afghanistan targeted two of al Qaeda’s most senior leaders in Afghanistan.  One US official describes Faruq al-Qatani as the top al Qaeda official  in Afghanistan, Bilal al-Utabi as the number 2 or 3 in Afghanistan.  Simultaneous drone strikes targeted separate compounds according to the US official. The Pentagon is assessing whether they were both killed in the airstrikes which are described as the most significant against al Qaeda in Afghanistan in years.

Joint Ops command claims Iraqi troops have freed a total of 1,080 people from 198 families in several villages around Mosul. Peshmerga troops captured a senior ISIS leader, Aby Khatab, while combing Bashiqa, and captured ISIS ammunition stockpiles.

The Pentagon says it will stop its efforts to collect bonuses that were improperly given to National Guard members.

A commuter's nightmare during the evening rush in Boston. An overheated subway motor sent smoke billowing into the Back Bay station, and panicky riders broke through subway car windows to evacuate. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authoritiy says multiple people were taken to the hospital.

Testimony ended in the federal trial over the lane closure scandal at the George Washington Bridge.

An 18-year-old Olympia man is now under arrest, accused of setting off an internet hoax that tied up Thurston County 911 dispatchers for a half hour Tuesday evening. The man posted a link on his Twitter page that when people clicked on it, hijacked their cell phones into calling 911 non-stop. Some victims were resorting to pulling the batteries from their phones to get them to stop calling 911. Thurston County dispatchers were getting calls about once every 30 seconds.

The Chicago Cubs used some timely hitting and a strong performance from pitcher Jake Arrieta to beat the Cleveland Indians 5-1 to tie the World Series at one game apiece. The series now shifts to Chicago for the Cubs' first World Series game at home since 1945.

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--Less than two weeks til election day, and the battleground blitz continues. Hillary Clinton visits Florida, and after three days in that key state, Donald Trump is in North Carolina Wednesday.
--Donald Trump jabs back at Vice President Biden for his remark that he'd like to take Trump "behind the gym" over Trumps's crude remarks about women. And in Tallahassee, Trump hammered on a report that Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, contributed 675-thousand dollars to the election campaign of the wife of the FBI official who later ran the investigation of Mrs. Clinton.
--Former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced he will be voting for Hillary Clinton.
--(Poll embargoed til 10/26 7am ET): A new ABC News tracking polls finds that despite a surge in the polls for Hillary Clinton, down-ballot Democrats might not be riding the wave.

Workers' contributions to their employer health insurance plans have risen more slowly in the last few years, but those costs are eating up a greater share of incomes. According to The Commonwealth Fund, American families spend an average 10-percent of their budget on health costs, up from 6.5-percent a decade ago.

Authorities say a man and woman refused to drop their weapons and were shot dead by Maryland state police. Turns out the couple were armed with BB guns, not handguns as originally thought.  Brandon Jones and Chelsea Porter were wanted on warrants in neighboring Delaware. Officers approached them at a motel in Elkton.

The manhunt continues for an Oklahoma man wanted for shooting two officers, killing two relatives and stealing cars. 38-year old Michael Vance was last seen early Monday near the Texas border.  Wellston, Oklahoma assistant police chief Jim Hampton is one of the two officers injured in a shootout Sunday night.  He's recovering from a gunshot wound to the foot. He says he was "way" outgunned by his attacker

Lawmakers are demanding answers about the controversial National Guard bonus repayments. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are asking the National Guard and the California National Guard for their audits and documents related to the overpayment of bonuses to thousands of soldiers since 2012 and it wants it no later than November 7.

The man who calls himself "America's toughest sheriff" faces trial in December to answer criminal contempt of court charges.  Phoenix area Sheriff Joe Arpaio is charged with ignoring a judge's orders to stop targeting Latinos in immigration patrols. The charges come as the 84-year-old seeks a seventh term.

Consumer advocates and environmentalists are applauding the 15 billion dollar Volkswagen settlement. The German automaker will be offering a buyback option or lease terminations for US owners of VWs and Audis two-liter diesel cars starting next week.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces entered the Christian village of Batnaya, northeast of Mosul, on Tuesday, after a four-hour battle with ISIS on multiple fronts. Peshmerga commanders on the frontline said their forces fought their way into the village of around 1,000 homes and found three ISIS bodies, then sent in bomb clearing teams afterward to secure the area.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte unleashes more anger directed towards the U-S...possibly alarming his Japanese hosts. In the speech, Duterte reaches out to Beijing, saying he wants to be friends with China. He's also saying he wants his country to be free of foreign troops...possibly within two years...even suggesting the U-S criticism of his policies has been unfair.

Cleveland drew first blood in game one of the World Series against the Cubs in Cleveland. Game one was Cubs' designated hitter Kyle Schwarber's first game since Spring...he'd been recovering from a serious knee injury.

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--Donald Trump continues a big push through Florida. Trump implores Florida voters: "I'm asking you to dream big."  Trump calls polls showing him behind as "phony," and the media are "phony, disgusting, dishonest." At a Hillary Clinton event in New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren threw Donald Trump's "nasty woman" comment back at him.
--Vice President Biden tells Dayton voters regaining control of the Senate is key. "We have to win back the senate."
--[Poll Embargoed til 10/25 7am ET]:
For all their sharp differences, supporters of Clinton and Trump have one thing in common: Their levels of election-related stress.  It’s substantial. Nearly half of all likely voters in the ABC News tracking poll, 46 percent, describe the election as a source of stress in their lives, including roughly equal numbers of Clinton and Trump supporters. Nearly a quarter, again in both cases, say it’s serious stress.

A new report from the Obama administration says the average Obamacare premiums will jump by double digits next year. And about 1 in 5 consumers will only have plans from a single insurer to pick from, after major national carriers such as UnitedHealth Group, Humana and Aetna scaled back their roles. Donald Trump hopped on the news, saying:  "It's over for Obamacare"

A disturbing incident is being reported in southern Mississippi. The NAACP is alleging that school officials in Stone County have taken no disciplinary action since up to four White students at a high school put a noose around the neck of a Black student who's a football player at the school. State NAACP president Derrick Johnson alleges that more than 20 witnesses have told school officials that they witnessed the incident happen earlier this month at Stone County High School.

Two police officers shot Sunday night in Wellston, Oklahoma are recovering from their injuries... as the manhunt for a suspect continues. Suspect Michael Vance is also sought in connection with a double slaying of two relatives.

Four people are dead in Australia after riding an amusement park water ride. Officials say two of the riders were ejected from the ride and the others remained on the ride. Two men and two women were

Jurors watched video testimony this morning from "Jackie," a woman at the center of a defamation suit against Rolling Stone magazine by a former associate dean at the University of Virginia. Video of Jackie’s deposition from April of this year was shown before a 10-person jury in Charlottesville federal court as part of a $7.85 million defamation suit filed by a former associate dean, Nicole Eramo, at the University of Virginia against Sabrina Erdely, the writer of the “A Rape on Campus” story that was published in Rolling Stone magazine, and the magazine itself.

Thousands of US service members in California are finding themselves in a battle against the military. The National Guard is asking them to repay bonuses the Pentagon says it should not have paid out to soldiers who did not qualify as highly skilled. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, has written to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter asking him to "personally intervene and eliminate any expectation of payment from individuals."

Bringing the flu vaccine to you. From 11a to 3p Tuesday in select cities, Uber users will be able to summon a nurse to wherever they are for a free flu shot.  Cities include Baltimore, Houston, and Chicago.

Headlights are an important safety device, but research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that many headlights do a poor job of lighting up the road. That is the case with a new round of tests of some popular pickup trucks.

It's the beginning of the end...of the drought...for one...of two long suffering major league baseball teams. Game one of the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians is Tuesday night in Cleveland.

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-- A new ABC News election tracking poll  shows diminished enthusiasm and a high level of negative support are undermining Donald Trump’s candidacy in the closing stretch of the 2016 campaign, while Hillary Clinton has improved on both these measures. 56% of Clinton’s backers in the national survey, a new high, say they’re voting mainly to support her rather than to oppose Trump. By contrast, 54 percent of Trump voters are mainly motivated by opposition to Clinton, not support for him. Affirmative support can be a stronger motivator to vote, and Clinton’s has gained 9 points from its low just before the party conventions in July. Trump’s affirmative support, by contrast, has been essentially flat in the same period.
-- President Obama continues his campaign swing through the west for Hillary Clinton and down-ballot candidates, with a fundraising stop on Los Angeles, closed to the press. In a last minute push, the president plans to endorse roughly 150 candidates in all. The president is already lending his popularity to candidates in several key states, appearing in a handful of radio and TV ads. That list, officials say, will grow with every passing day.
-- Campaign Events: Donald Trump has two afternoon events in Florida, where early voting begins today. Hillary Clinton attends a Democratic Party event in New Hampshire with Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) has two events in Florida, while Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) will be in Greensboro, North Carolina. Vice President Joe Biden stumps for Mrs. Clinton with two events in Ohio.

The NTSB is expected to begin its investigation on Monday into a deadly tour bus crash in Southern California that killed 13 people, including the driver, and hurt more than 30. The California Highway Patrol says evidence from the crash sight suggests the bus was traveling at a high rate of speed when it slammed head-on into a tractor-trailer on Interstate 10, about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. The bus is an older model and does not have an event data recorder, and most of the witnesses were asleep when the crash happened. The bus was traveling from a casino to Los Angeles early Sunday.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter continues his foreign tour after visiting Iraq over the weekend to inspect the progress of coalition forces in Operation Inherent Resolve. The battle for Mosul continues. Sec. Carter meets on Monday with Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan, president of the UAE, before heading to Paris.

The Chicago Cubs are heading to the World Series for the first time in 71 years. The team clinched the National League Championship Saturday, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 in Game 6. The first World Series game will be Tuesday against the Indians in Cleveland.

Police in Oregon are calling off the search for a missing hiker, who vanished more than a week ago in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge, a maze of trails and home to more than 90 waterfalls. Her phone and belongings were found inside her car, near a trail head, days after she disappeared.

A manhunt is underway in Oklahoma City for a man suspected to have killed two of his own family member. Michael Vance was recently released from jail, where he was being held on child sexual assault charges. Two police officers were wounded trying to arrest Vance. 

The head of the California National Guard says it does not have the legal authority to allow thousands of soldiers to keep the reenlistment bonuses and college aid assistance given to them more than five years ago since the payments were fraudulent. Major General Matthew Beevers says it's up to Congress to change the law so that soldiers unknowingly caught up in a fraud scheme aren't left on the hook for the debt.

Boo! A Madea Halloween won the battle at the box office over the weekend, hauling in an estimated 27.6 million dollars. Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher, Never Go Back, came in second with 23 million. Ouija: Origin of Evil came in a respectable third.

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--The third and final presidential debate: Wednesday night at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 
 - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton again invited guests designed to rile the rival: Trump invited, among others, Malik Obama, the President's half-brother, to sit in the audience. Clinton again invited Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a "Shark Tank" personality. 
-- Wikileaks has now released more than 21,000 alleged emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. ABC News has not confirmed the authenticity of the emails. In Wednesday's batch, emails from Clinton adviser Neera Tanden to Podesta show her frustration with Clinton. In the wake of Clinton saying she was more of a moderate than a progressive last September, Clinton’s closest aides expressed worry:  “She doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in on at the moment,” Tanden, who headed the liberal organization Center for American Progress but wasn’t on the campaign’s payroll, wrote. 
-- Ivanka Trump, the elder daughter of Donald Trump, said her father will accept the result of the presidential election “either way,” despite repeatedly saying that this year’s vote and the system in general are “rigged.” “He’ll either win or he won’t win, and I believe he will accept the outcome either way,” Ivanka Trump said at the Fortune magazine Most Powerful Women Summit.
-- President Obama is campaigning for Clinton in Miami Gardens Thursday. First Lady Michelle Obama on the stump in Phoenix.
-- Donald Trump is campaigning in Ohio.

The battle for Mosul continues. Iraqi troops are pushing forward in the offensive to re-take Mosul from ISIS, the battle now in its fourth day. The commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East says the fight could take months, and will likely feature periods of fierce combat.

Russia says it will hold a “humanitarian pause” in Aleppo, Syria today to allow rebel fighters and civilians to leave the besieged city. The Russian defense ministry says from 1am till 9amET,  Russian and Syrian government forces will halt all fire and all airstrikes and will open 2 corridors for rebel fighters to exit the eastern side of the city, with 6 other corridors opened for civilians.


NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center will host a media teleconference to announce the U.S. temperature and precipitation outlook for winter – December through February – and to discuss the latest forecast for La Niña and how that might influence this winter season. The Climate Prediction Center reissued a La Niña watch after discontinuing it last month, citing new model data and more favorable trends toward its formation in late fall or early winter.  Giving people the information to protect themselves is key to NOAA’s effort to build a Weather-Ready Nation


The CDC is strengthening its Florida travel recommendations for pregnant women, creating for the first time two color-coded risk categories. It is also updating its recommendations for testing of pregnant women who have lived in, traveled to, or had unprotected sex with someone who lived in or traveled to any area of Miami-Dade County.

 A powerful and fiery natural gas explosion rocked a busy Portland, Oregon, shopping district Wednesday, injuring eight people. Three firefighters, two police officers and three civilians were hurt. The blast destroyed a building housing a bagel shop and a beauty salon -- blowing out windows of another building. The utility said a construction crew hit a gas line, and crews quickly got everyone out of the building. 


The 71st annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York hosts keynote speakers 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. The Foundation aims to 'bring hope to the neediest children of the Archdiocese of New York, regardless of race, creed, or color.

Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones start shipping following their launch at an event in California earlier this month. They are the first phones designed and made entirely by Google, which until now has partnered with other companies to produce phones running Google's Android operating system.

Tesla announcing that all vehicles it produces in its factory will have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver.

They're called the 'Great ShakeOut' earthquake drills - the world's largest, with nearly 10 million people due to take part around the world. Official ShakeOut Regions located around the world: across the U.S. - led by California - plus parts of Canada, New Zealand, and Italy.

If you’ve noticed fewer Trump/Pence and Clinton/Kaine campaign signs adorning your neighbors’ yards, you’re not alone. And it might not just be your imagination. As technology has shifted toward social media and direct email campaigning, while the old tried-and-true methods of boosting a candidate’s name recognition are falling away, one by one. Could the end be near for the political yard sign?

Top country acts of the last year are honored at the 7th annual live TV special tonight. This year's honorees are Carrie Underwood, Chris Stapleton, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett, while Kelsea Ballerini receives the second annual Breakout Artist of the Year award and Shania Twain receives the Artist of a Lifetime award, making her the first female recipient.

The Cleveland Indians go to the World Series, beating Toronto 3-0 in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series.


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--The final presidential debate is Wednesday night at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Donald Trump campaigned the day before; Hillary Clinton was debate-prepping, or as Trump calls it, "resting."
-- "I'd advise Mr Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes." That's President Obama reaction to what he calls "unprecedented" statements by Trump...that the election is rigged. Trump blames the Democratic party and the media.
--ABC News has contacted election officials in all 50 states to ask if the election could be rigged in their state; we’ve heard back from 25 states. All say no. Indiana's Secretary of State says she's seen an unexplained jump in the number of changes to voter registration forms; Connie Lawson says they could be legitimate, but she expressed concern of possible voter fraud.

Ecuador acknowledges it "temporarily restricted" Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's internet access. WikiLeaks claims Secretary of State John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from releasing more documents related to Hillary Clinton. A State department spokesman said any suggestion that Kerry or the State Department were involved in shutting down Wikileaks is false.

Angry owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are making a federal case out of it. A class action lawsuit filed in New Jersey alleges that because it took a while for Samsung to roll out a recall, owners were charged monthly fees for an unusable phone.

More than 100,000 students at 14 state universities are bracing for the possibility of a faculty strike at 5am ET Wednesday morning.  The faculty union and the chancellor for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education are trying to hash out an 11th hour agreement, but it's not looking promising.

Police are investigating a shooting in San Francisco's Excelsior District near June Jordan School for Equity that left four students injured...on a 15-year-old was left in critical condition. Police say one student may have been targeted; they are looking for four suspects.

The battle for Mosul continues. Iraqi troops are pushing forward in the offensive to re-take Mosul from ISIS, the battle now in its third day. Officials say it is going faster than planned, but advancing troops are facing IEDs, mortars and booby-trapped villages.

A special anniversary for a beloved holiday TV tradition: the 50th anniversary of The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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--"We're doing great," is Donald Trump's assessment of the latest polls. Battleground states remain close, but the latest CBS poll puts Hillary Clinton ahead nationally among likely voters by 9 points.
--Donald Trump tells ABC's Tom Llamas he's not threatening the peaceful transfer of power by calling the election system rigged..."People don't wanna see dead people voting." Trump again called the allegations by women of inappropriate behavior "made up lies."
--Potential First Lady Melania Trump says assault allegations against her husband are "not true." She tells CNN her husband's "boy talk" caught on tape in 2005 was egged on by Billy Bush. NBC announced the Today Show co-host is leaving effective immediately.
--Ahead of the final presidential debate in Las Vegas, Trump complained to a Wisconsin crowd Clinton got questions ahead of time for the first debate.  And he continues to lambaste the media: "They've gotta start talking about Wikileaks."
--The State Department denies it tried making a deal with the FBI to declassify some of Hillary Clinton's emails so it did not appear she sent sensitive documents from a private server.
--Tuesday is the deadline for voter registration in 7 states. 25 states have early voting.
--Marco Rubio's challenger for his Florida Senate seat Patrick Murphy hammered Rubio for his support of Donald Trump, in a debate moderated by ABC's Jonathan Karl.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory... says he has "no idea" who set fire to the Orange County Republican Headquarters in Hillsborough over the weekend by throwing a suspected firebomb... through a window. McCrory says this was not... just an act of vandalism - it was 'anarchy:'

The battle for Mosul is on.. The military operation to take back the northern Iraqi city from ISIS is the biggest yet for Iraq's military... US forces are there too, but the White House says Iraqis are in the lead.

Record summer like heat is stretching across a huge part of the country. Making it feel more like July than October.
In Houston, the 911 operator who is accused up hanging up on hundreds of emergency calls... made her first appearance in court.  Prosecutors announcing that Crenshanda Williams is charged with two misdemeanor counts of Interference with a 911 call. She is accused of hanging up on hundreds of calls.

Rebels and civilians will have a short window to escape Aleppo before more bombing.  Russia’s defense ministry said it and Syrian government forces would pause their bombardment of eastern Aleppo for 8 hours on Thursday to allow rebel fighters and civilians to leave. 

A man wearing what's described as "police style" body armor pointed an assault rifle at two police officers at a California Starbucks, but the weapon jammed. Police in Vallejo, California, say 41-year-old Adam Powell ran, but was shot and wounded later. Six hours before and 20 miles away, police found Powell's 2-year old son critically wounded; police think the toddler had accidentally shot himself.

A cargo mission to the International Space Station began with the blastoff of an Antares rocket from Wallops Flight Facility Monday night, the first from the Virginia newly refurbished launch pad in two years.

Native activists in Canada failed in their bid to force Cleveland's baseball team -- not to us its name and logo while they play in Toronto. An indigenous activist petitioned a Canadian court for an emergency injunction -- arguing the name and logo are a human rights violation. But late Monday the court rejected the application.

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--A little over three weeks to go, and Donald Trump is sharpening a line of attack: the election can’t be trusted. Without offering evidence, Trump says the media and his opponent are in a conspiracy to take him down. In less than 48 hours, Trump has talked or tweeted about a rigged election more than 20 times. Trump’s running mate Mike Pence Sunday tried to reassure the public that they will respect the outcome of the vote.
--Hillary Clinton - off the campaign trail - prepping for the third and final presidential debate this Wednesday night. Her campaign is facing questions about thousands of hacked emails revealed this week by Wikileaks - some of which apparently show close ties between senior members of the State Department and Clinton-friendly companies trying to rebuild Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.
--Donald Trump likes one element from the latest poll, tweeting "Finally in the new ABC News/ Washington Post poll, Hillary Clinton is down 11 points with women voters and the election is close at 47-43!" Trump campaigns in Wisconsin Monday.
--Tim Kaine says Trump is lashing out "because he knows he's losing."

State GOP officials call it an act of political terrorism. Police and the ATF are investigating the apparent firebombing of the GOP headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina.  It happened in Hillsborough, and a building next door was spray painted with a swastika and the words  "Nazi Republicans leave town or else."  Hillary Clinton tweeted the attack "is horrific and unacceptable." Gov. Pat McCrory called it “an attack on our democracy." Donald Trump blamed “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina.”

Iraq's prime minister Haider al-Abadi signals the fight to retake Mosul has begun. Iraq's second-largest city has been an ISIS stronghold for years - now, 30-thousand Iraqi ground forces - backed by U-S Special Forces and American fighter jets carrying out airstrikes - are engaged in an all-out assault.

--After a 10-nation meeting in London, the US and Britain say they are considering new economic sanctions against the Syrian and Russian governments, because of the continued shelling of Syria's largest city, Aleppo.
--It would be a big symbolic victory for Syrian rebels over ISIS. Turkey says the Turkish-backed rebels have taken control of the northern town of Dabiq, a town of great propaganda value to ISIS.

Fear and mistrust between police and the communities they serve is amplified by viral videos and a lack of solid information about how well police are doing their job, says FBI Director James Comey. Speaking to the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego Sunday, Comey said that's given rise to a narrative that biased police are killing black men at epidemic levels...He says there needs to be a national database of police use of force.

Police in Lexington Kentucky are questioning a man in connection with the shooting death of Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay's daughter. 15-year-old Trinity Gay was shot outside a restaurant early Sunday.

Nearly two weeks since Hurricane Matthew tore through western Haiti - officials there warning of famine and disease. While the storm itself killed more than a thousand people there - those living in the devastation now need food, medical supplies and clean water.

The Chicago Cubs were hoping for a 2nd win in Sunday's game two of the National League Championship series against the Dodgers. In the ALCS, Cleveland has a 2-game lead going into game 3 against the Blue Jays in Toronto.

Tops at the box office: Ben Affleck's new thriller "The Accountant" tallied up 24.7-million dollars this weekend.

VOTE 2016
--Allegations about Donald Trump's past, after his lewd comments about women. The Trump campaign calls "fiction" a New York Times article about two women who describe inappropriate encounters with 30 years ago, the other about a dozen years ago. A former Miss Arizona…who calls herself a conservative…going public in an interview …describing what it felt like backstage with Trump.
--The Republican ticket zeroed in on the latest batch of reported Clinton campaign emails that Wikileaks released. "She deleted the emails! She has to go to jail!" said Donald Trump to a Florida crowd.
--Hillary Clinton tells supporters in Pueblo: "Now that just shows how desperate they are. That's all they have left, pure negativity, pessimism."
--Two senior level sources confirm to ABC News, the Trump team will be reallocating resources out of Virginia and into other battle ground states.
--The Clinton campaign confirms campaign manage John Podesta's Twitter account was hacked. Wednesday night  as tweet was sent from his account:  "I've switched teams.Vote Trump 2016.Hi pol"

The federal government has accused a small air bag parts maker of stonewalling an investigation into a fatal car crash, and threatened a large fine over the lack of cooperation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said ARC Automotive Inc. of Knoxville, Tennessee, has missed deadlines and failed to report crash information and test results as required by law. The allegations are contained in documents made available on the agency's website late Tuesday.  NHTSA has said it wants to determine the entire population of ARC inflators in the U.S., which it estimates at 8 million mainly in older vehicles made by General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Hyundai and Kia. About 2.6 million of the parts were sold to General Motors. 

It was no accident, say police. The FBI is now leading the investigation into Tuesday's deadly plane crash in central Connecticut. Authorities believe the crash was intentional. The pilot survived and is hospitalzed with burns. ABC News has learned his student who died in the crash was Feras Majdii Mohammad Freitekh - a 28-year-old Jordanian national, attending flight school at a nearby Hartford airport. Authorities say the two men were coming in to land each with their own set of controls to fly the plane, but they won't say who was in control at the time of the crash.

Hurricane Nicole.. cruising towards Bermuda and picking up speed... maximum winds 115 miles per hour.

The death toll from Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina is up to 20. Officials continue to warn residents in low-lying areas in eastern North Carolina to get out before the floodwaters arrive.

A man wearing body armor and armed with an assault rifle shot two Boston police officers who were responding to a report of a domestic disturbance at a home, before being shot and killed by other officers, police said. The two wounded officers were hospitalized in "extremely critical condition" early Thursday morning. "Two of the officers dragged their fellow officers out of the line of fire so they were in a protected zone, and the officers continued to engage in a gun exchange," Evans said.

Samsung Electronics said Thursday it has expanded its recall of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the U.S. to include all replacement devices the company offered as a presumed safe alternative after the original Note 7s were found prone to catch fire.
--Samsung telling consumers to return their phones... even offering.. a special kind of return kit for people who bought their phones from the company's website.

The US military is weighing an "appropriate" response after a missile was fired from Houthi controlled territory in Yemen at a US destroyer. The Houthis are an Iranian-backed militia that overthrew Yemen's president 2 years ago.  The new attack was similar to one on Sunday, when two missiles were fired at the USS Mason. Just as in that incident no one was hurt as the missile fell short of the destroyer.

U.S. prosecutors will file no criminal charges against an Environmental Protection Agency employee who was part of an EPA cleanup crew that inadvertently triggered a massive mine wastewater spill in August of 2015 at the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado. Water quality in the region has returned to normal, but the political fallout over the accident continues.

VOTE 2016
--Donald Trump ... declaring that the "shackles" have come off ... unleashing a firestorm of tweets:  going after Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Party establishment, and more.
--Al Gore tells a Miami crowd their votes really count: "You can consider me as an "Exhibit A" of that truth."
--Hillary Clinton's top adviser said the FBI is investigating Russia's possible role in hacking thousands of his personal emails, an intrusion he said Donald Trump's campaign may have been aware of in advance. If true, the assertion from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta would amount to an extraordinary link between Russia and an American presidential campaign.
--Is it political passion...or profiteering...that's motivating lone protestors at Clinton campaign events? Since last week, the website "infowars" has been offering 5-thousand dollars to anyone who shouts "Bill Clinton is a rapist" at a Clinton rally while wearing a t-shirt the website has an image of the former president above the word "rape."  People interrupted Tuesday events where Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and President Obama spoke. The President smiled and countered "Here's an idea, try to get your own rally!"
--One Republican Senator that dropped her support of Trump, has changed her mind. Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska said "He decided he would not step aside. I respect his decision...I support the Republican ticket and it's a Trump-Pence ticket.”

--Gov. McCrory said Tuesday that an enormous swath of North Carolina was in turmoil. “Certain parts of the state were going through recovery at this point in time,” Mr. McCrory said. “Certain parts of the state were still going through ongoing floods. And now we have other parts of the state that are about to deal with some very serious circumstances, especially along two of our major rivers.” Mr. McCrory said that state officials were especially worried about residents in and near Goldsboro, Greenville and Rocky Mount, where flooding was expected throughout the week
--The White House says President Obama has declared a major disaster in South Carolina.

Police in Wisconsin now say a disturbing YouTube video investigated in the 2009 disappearance of a teenage girl is a fake. Investigators "identified the video producer/camera man, actor and actress in the video," the Antigo police said in a statement; adding that that the department, "has been able to identify that this video is 100 percent fake." The video has no connection to the disappearance of Kayla Berg, the statement added.

Lawyers for Apple and Samsung began presenting arguments before the Supreme Court Tuesday in a 400 million dollar patent lawsuit. A federal appeals court found Samsung infringed on several design patents belonging to Apple's iPhone. The lawsuit is based on a 19th Century law that requires the guilty party to give all of the profits made from design patent infringements to the plaintiff. Samsung argues the law does not take into account more modern and complex products.

The F.B.I. is reportedly investigating whether the crash of a small plane in East Hartford, Conn., that killed a passenger on Tuesday was intentional, according to the New York Times. The pilot, who survived the crash, told investigators that it was not an accident. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was continuing. Officials identified the passenger as Feras M. Freitekh, 28. Public records show he had lived in Orland Hills, Ill., about 35 miles southwest of Chicago.

A teen driving study released by the Governors Highway Safety Association indicates both positive and negative trends in the safety of our youngest drivers over the past decade (2005-2014). While fatal crashes for teens were nearly cut in half over that period of time, teens are still 1.6 times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than adults. Furthermore, since the conclusion of this study in 2014, fatal accidents amongst teens are back on the rise for the first time since 2006.

Colin Kaepernick, credited for launching nationwide protests during the National Anthem at sporting events, is the new starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. The decision comes on the same day that Quinnipiac University released a poll showing how racially divided Americans are on the issue.

Enough with the clowns. When it comes to the national "creepy clown" epidemic, many police departments are now warning people: It's not funny anymore.

For eight innings, the Chicago Cubs looked like anything but themselves. They certainly did not look like the best team in baseball. All signs pointed to an NLDS Game 5 taking place Thursday back at Wrigley Field against a San Francisco Giants team that would have all the momentum. Then the ninth inning happened. Make that then the incredible happened. Down 5-2, the Cubs scored four times and won 6-5 to shock a team that had won 10 straight games when facing elimination

VOTE 2016
--Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump trade barbs on the campaign trail the day after the debate. Trump tells supporters in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Clinton "couldn't be elected dog catcher." Clinton says "If he wants to talk about what we've been doing the last 30 years...bring it on."
--Trump snipes at House Speaker Paul Ryan, tweeting Ryan "should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting Republican nominee." Ryan earlier in a conference call with lawmakers said he would not defend Trump and would focus on keeping Republican majorities in Congress.
--In a phone call obtained by ABC News, RNC Chair Reince Priebus said he's still backing Trump.
--Warren Buffett takes issue with Trump claiming he and Buffett have used the same tax loophole; Buffett saying he's paid federal income taxes every year since 1944.

--The death toll has risen to 28 from Hurricane Matthew. The latest fatality is reported in Volusia County, Florida, where the sheriff's office says a tree crew member got pinned under a large log that rolled on top of him. Flooding remains a danger...South Carolina's governor says 2-thousand people were trapped by floodwaters. More than a million customers in four states remain without electricity. President Obama signed a disaster declaration for North Carolina.
--The interim President of Haiti has said Hurricane Matthew has caused "apocalyptic" damage - and such is the devastation of the country's countryside could cause famine.  Jocelerme Privert told the BBC the loss was "amazing", warning food, water and medicine was immediately needed. "But the concern is if we don't take action now for the longer impact... three to four months when the foods stop coming we are going to have a real famine."
-- With helicopters overseeing the rescue operation from above, volunteer firefighters turned their military-surplus truck with 4-foot tires into the dark flood waters to cruise past a mortuary, grocery and homes in part of this city inundated by the swollen Lumber River. They joined about 200 U.S. Marshals and water rescue teams from as far away as New York and New Jersey focused Monday on retrieving about 1,500 residents who were trapped when the river unexpectedly rushed out of its banks, up their stairways and into buildings like the local school.

Samsung says it will stop producing the Galaxy Note 7, a day after the company stopped selling the phones. The company is also telling owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn them off and stop using them. The move comes after replacements for the troublesome phones have had shown the same tendency to overheat and catch fire.

A 4-year-old girl who went missing from her Lakeland, Florida, home Saturday morning has been found safe in Memphis, Tennessee, according to Tennessee and Florida authorities. The apparent abduction of the little girl, Rebecca Lewis, prompted a search stretching across several states in the Southeast. An Amber Alert for Rebecca covered Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. Authorities were tracking surveillance images showing the girl with a 31-year-old man whose current legal name is West Wild Hogs.

The suspect in the fatal shooting of two Palm Springs, California police officers, is expected to be charged Tuesday. John Felix faces charges of first degree murder in the killing of 63-year-old Jose "Gil" Gilbert Vega, who was near retirement, and 27-year-old Lesley Zerebny, a new mother.

First one...then another bear attacked a man hiking alone near the Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park area in Sierra Madre, California. Police say the man is hospitalized with injuries to his head, upper body, legs and feet. The two bears ran away.

VOTE 2016
Donald Trump's vulgar comments about women from 2005 overshadowed the 2nd presidential debate, and Trump countered even before the event. Shortly before Trump and Hillary Clinton faced-off in St. Louis, Trump held a photo op, flanked by some women who say they support him, and who have accused Bill Clinton of misconduct. One of them was Juanita Broaddrick, who repeated her claim that Clinton assaulted her in 1978. 

Both candidates are back on the road campaigning today. Hillary Clinton will be in Detroit, Michigan, for a voter registration event and then on to Columbus, Ohio, for a rally. Donald Trump has two rallies in Pennsylvania.

21 deaths are blamed on Hurricane Matthew, and more than 1.7 million customers in five states have been left without power. The hurricane is now a post-tropical cyclone in the Atlantic, but the danger persists. Some residents of North Carolina are being asked to evacuate because of expected record flooding this week. The death toll continues to rise in Haiti...Matthew is blamed for around 900 deaths there.

To see the husband of a fallen officer "kiss her on the forehead for the last time... it's tough," says the police chief of Palm Springs California. An investigation is underway for Saturday's fatal shooting of two Palm Spring officers. The suspect, identified as John Felix, is in custody, and faces 1st degree murder charges this week.  One of the officers who died was 27-year old Lesley Zerebny, a new mother. A third officer was shot and wounded.

More Samsung phones on fire. Customers coming forward.. saying even the new replacement phones for the Galaxy Note 7s.. are going up in flames.. two men reporting their own phones caught fire while they were sleeping, and one 13 year old said her phone started smoking... in her hands.

A security scare at Bellingham International Airport in Washington state. A suitcase at the airport tested positive for explosives, forcing evacuations and stopping a bomb squad checked out the scene... X-rays confirmed the suitcase was empty.

Police in eastern Germany say they have detained a 22-year-old Syrian man who was the subject of a nationwide hunt and is believed to have been preparing a bomb attack.

The scary clown phenomenon nationwide turned into arrests on Sunday in New Mexico. Three teens in clown masks and carrying an airsoft pistol brought out police to a Babies-R-Us store Sunday morning. Police say the teens made a poor choice; they were ticketed and released to their parents.

A non-invasive treatment promises to melt away the fat cells. 

--Matthew is now 125 mph winds gusting to 155 and is about 60 miles south-southeast of Nassau Bahamas or 255 miles southeast of West Palm Beach.  Take a look at the satellite below, we can see the tightening of the of the eye, this means its getting stronger as it’s moving towards Nassau Bahamas this  morning. As of now national hurricane center does not make landfall in Florida but the eye comes really close. Hurricane center forecasters say that the storm could be as strong as 145 mph, Category 4,  as it nears Florida with higher gusts.
--Well more than a million are being told to evacuate, or prepare to, as Hurricane Matthew edges toward the southeastern US.  The storm with winds of 120 miles an hour was expected to hit the Bahamas early Thursday, and reach Florida's east coast in the afternoon. A blunt warning from the National Weather Service: "Failure to adequately shelter may result in serious injury, loss of life, or immense human suffering." Airlines have canceled flights and Florida's governor has activated 15-hundred National Guard, and closed state offices in more than 2 dozens counties.
--With Haiti’s formal request for assistance the US military is sending nine helicopters and 100 personnel that will arrive in Port au Prince on Thursday.

VOTE 2016
--Donald Trump rates his running mate's debate performance "the single most decisive victory in the history of Vice Presidential debates." Tim Kaine says he's gotten "dinged" for interrupting too much during the VP debate, but he says Mike Pence could not defend Trump. Hillary Clinton says she looks forward to next Sunday's debate.
--No public events for Clinton and Trump. Kaine speaks in Pittsburgh and Vegas. Pence has 2 appearances in Pennsylvania.
--Trump tries to instruct Reno residents how to properly pronounce the name of their state.

Is Samsung's solution the same as the problem? What's thought to be a replacement phone for the troublesome Note 7 began smoking on a Southwest Airlines flight. Samsung and Consumer Product Safety Commission investigators were heading to Louisville to inspect the phone.

National security agency contractor Harold Thomas Martin is in custody--arrested on charges of stealing highly-classified information and storing it at his home and in his car.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department sergeant died after being shot during a deputy-involved shooting in Lancaster, California. The department identified him as Steve Owen, 53, a 29-year veteran of the department. Owen and another deputy had responded to a burglary callThe suspect tried to take his patrol car - but got into a gun battle with deputies - ran away on foot... Broke into another home - took hostages and was eventually shot and arrested.

A landmark international deal to combat climate change -- going into effect. The Paris Agreement, which forces countries to come up with concrete plans to curb rising global temperatures, signed last month by top emitters U-S and China.. becoming official Wednesday as more countries came on board. President Obama calls the deal the 'best shot' to 'save the one planet we've got.'   The deal takes effect 30 days after adopted - Nov. 4, 2016.

The NTSB holds a news conference in Washington DC to update the investigation into last week's deadly commuter train crash in Hoboken, New Jersey

A huge shift in the labor market with the US moving from an industrial to a knowledge-based economy. A new Pew Research Center report shows more workers in jobs requiring above average education - with the vast majority of US workers believing new skills and training are key to future success in the workplace.

Three high school football teams have forfeited games rather than play against Archbishop Murphy High School in Everett, Washington... The athletic director of Granite Falls High School says it's a matter of player safety... they're "looking at the difference in size and how big these kids are."  Archbishop Murphy outscored opponents 170-0 in thier first 3 games.


The hurricane is expected to cross over Haiti on Tuesday en route to Cuba and the Bahamas. Flooding and extreme rainfall and wind are expected in those countries as well. Jamaica, initially forecast to bear the brunt of the damage, appears to have been spared the worst of the hurricane.
--The Governor of Florida has declared a state of emergency as the storm moves further north.

VOTE 2016
--Vice presidential nominees Mike Pence and Tim Kaine take the debate stage in Farmville, Virginia Tuesday night.
--In the wake of a New York Times report over the weekend that appears to show Donald Trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 tax returns and raised questions about how much federal income tax he paid, the Republican presidential nominee on Monday boasted in Colorado that he has used the country's tax laws "brilliantly."  Trump campaigns in Arizona Tuesday.
--Hillary Clinton slammed Trump Monday in Ohio over the report that he could have avoided paying any federal income tax for nearly two decades.  Clinton campaigns in Pennsylvania Tuesday.

- Addressing the high rate of suicide among veterans Monday morning in Virginia, Donald Trump pointed to the effects of post-traumatic stress: "some of these people have seen're strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can't handle it." Critics say that by using the word "strong," Trump painted vets suffering from PTSD as "weak" -- contributing to the perception that the disorder is simply a matter of willpower. Trump's larger point, that mental health would be a major focus in his administration received applause from the audience in the room.
"Where the hell is he from?" Vice President Joe Biden criticized Trump’s comments about veterans with PTSD in Florida, saying it shows he’s "completely uninformed.” 

President Obama participated in a discussion on climate changer at the White House's South By South Lawn festival Monday night with Academy Award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Toronto Blue Jays host the Baltimore Orioles for the one-game American League Wildcard Game. Game gets underway at 8pm ET.

A memorial service for Arnold Palmer will be held at 11 a.m. Oct. 4 at St. Vincent's College Basilica in Latrobe, Pa., chairman of Arnold Palmer Enterprises announced Monday. Palmer was born in Latrobe and split his time between Pennsylvania and Orlando. He died September 25th at the age of 87.  

Video footage reviewed by investigators supported police officers' version of separate shootings that left two suspects dead in South Los Angeles over the weekend, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said.
Speaking at a news conference Monday morning at the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters, Beck described the circumstances that led to officers fatally shooting 18-year-old Carnell Snell Jr. on Saturday afternoon and an unidentified man on Sunday afternoon.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is promising "significant" disclosures on subjects including the U.S. election and Google in the coming weeks as the organization marks its 10th anniversary. Assange, speaking by video link to an anniversary news conference in Berlin, said Tuesday that WikiLeaks plans to start a series of publications this week, but wouldn't specify the timing and subject.

The defense will make its opening statement Tuesday morning. Defense Attorney Maddox Kilgore says he'll speak to jurors for about an hour and 45 minutes. Kilgore maintains that Cooper's death was a tragic accident. After the defense's opening statement, Cobb County Officer Jacquelyn Piper is expected to take the stand as a witness for the state. She was the first person to encounter Harris on the scene of his son's death and previously testified he was acting violent toward the police and refused to get off the phone.

Ex-Fox News star Andrea Tantaros is speaking out about former boos Roger Ailes and the lead up to her demotion – claiming the show is steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny.

The manhunt continues for the gang of thieves that robbed Kim Kardashian in Paris.  Five people dressed as police officers managed to make their way into the hotel. From that group, sources tell us, two made their way up to Kardashian's apartment and carried out the robbery…by tying her up at gunpoint and then locking her inside the bathroom . Questions remain as to whether there was closed circuit security cameras inside the courtyard to capture the robbery and robbers.  And a Paris police spokeswoman said “clearly when you have a star like Kim Kardashian who has…more than 48 million followers on Twitter think this could have happened abroad just as easily as in Paris….it was the celebrity who was targeted with possessions that had been seen and noticed via social media and it was these good the attackers targeted.”

Sam Sotoodeh and Barzeen Soroudi rushed the Dancing With The Stars stage during the live season premiere broadcast following a Ryan Lochte performance.  When released from  jail on $1000 bond they said they believe Lochte to be a charlatan, a liar, not a hero, and a criminal under Brazilian law.  They appear in a Los Angeles courtroom Tuesday.