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More torrential rain is forecast to add to the rising rivers in parts of Texas. Voluntary evacuations are underway in Wharton, Texas as the Colorado River rises closer to homes. Subdivisions along the West Fork of the San Jacinto River in Harris County were under up to 3 feet of water and were accessible by boat only. The two thousand or so people who live in Shallowater found the water there anything but shallow.  High water around Lawton, Oklahoma forced road closures and water rescues.

Federal prosecutors have indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert with concealing bank withdrawals to pay out millions of dollars in hush money to an unidentified person. The indictment does not describe the misconduct Hastert was allegedly trying to hide. The indictment charges the 73-year-old with one count of evading bank regulations as he withdrew tens of thousands of dollars at a time to make the payments. He is also charged with one count of lying to the FBI about the reason for the unusual bank withdrawals.

New developments in the Anthrax scare, being blamed on the Pentagon sending out live anthrax by mistake. With it shipped using FedEx to labs in the U-S and overseas, nearly two dozen American military personnel and lab workers in South Korea and the U-S are taking antibiotics after possible exposure. Anthrax can survive in the environment for years, and if you breathe it in, it can survive in your lungs for as long as two months, before activating and causing a deadly infection.

The process is now underway to figure out what caused that pipeline to rupture in Santa Barbara County, California last week spilling tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil.  The section of pipe that failed has now been dug up and sent for metal testing to figure out if a weakness caused it to fail.

At the trial of the Colorado theater shooter, jurors saw video of a psychiatrist interview with James Holmes -- he tells the doctor he tears up over regrets involving the shooting.  That psychiatrist also told the jury Holmes does have a serious mental illness but that Holmes had the capacity to know right from wrong. 

The two gunmen who attacked a contest for cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed earlier this month are said to have worshipped at a mosque in Arizona...and Friday a group of bikers are set to rally outside that mosque...organizers are said to be encouraging attendees to be armed.

Twin blasts rocked Baghdad late Thursday… killing at least 10 and wounding over a dozen others… The pair of car bombs ripped through the parking lots of separate hotels, just a minute apart. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Elections for the next president of embattled world soccer organization FIFA will take place on Friday, as scheduled.  Current president Sepp Blatter resisted calls from European soccer body UEFA to postpone the elections for six months.

From 10 finalists... to one winner... the best of the best competed in the 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee, on ESPN.


An explosive sports scandal erupted overnight in Switzerland involving soccer's international governing body.  Nine FIFA officials and five coporate executives are being charged with racketeering, corruption and conspiracy.  The indictments from the Justice Department will be unsealed in Brooklyn, NY at 10:30am EDT.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Coemy will be in atendance. Meanwhile, seven of the defendants charged were arrested at a Zurich hotel earlier this morning (Wednesday).  A FIFA spokesman says they're in shock, but won't suspend those being charged.  They will instead allow the investigation to play out.  

Texas floodwaters that inundated Houston, bringing the city to a standstill, were blamed for at least five deaths, and statewide the disaster claimed at least 12 lives, authorities said today. Houston Mayor Annalise Parker did not identify the fatalities, but said that two were found inside vehicles and another was found in a bayou and police suspect that the individual suffered from a heart attack while trying to push their vehicle.  Two people are dead and 13 missing after heavy rain and devastating flooding pounded the cities of San Marcos and Wimberley in Hays County, TX over the weekend. The flash floods destroyed more than 350 homes and left up to 1,000 residents homeless. 

Queen Elizabeth officially opens the new session of Parliament Wednesday morning.  She'll deliver a speech written by the controlling party Conservatives which aims to outline Prime Minister David Cameron's goals. 

The IRS says thieves used an online service provided by the agency to gain access to information from more than 100,000 taxpayers.   The information included tax returns and other tax information on file with the IRS. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers have advanced to the NBA Finals sweeping the Atlanta Hawks in 4 games at the Eastern Conference Finals. The Cavs won 118-88.  It's only Cleveland's second trip ever to the finals; both trips under the leadership of LeBron James.  They're first trip was in 2007.

There will be a Game 7 in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals.  The New York Rangers held off the Tampa Bay Lightning 7-3. 

Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension for his role in the deflated footballs scandal won't be heard by Wednesday's 10-day deadline to set a hearing date, two people familiar with the situation told The Associated Press.

An Italian court has blocked the controversial ride-sharing app UberPop throughout Italy.
The judge ruled that Uber was subject to only minor fees compared to the costs taxis pay to run and that they therefore benefit from unfair competition.  France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands have also all banned the app, though appeals are pending in France and Germany. 

In the past week the average price of regular unleaded nationwide has gone up about 3 cents to $2.77 a gallon according to new numbers out from the Energy Department.  But, for the first time in weeks prices in California did not rise.  In fact they dropped 5 cents.  But still Californians are paying - on average - about a buck above the rest of the country.

VOTE 2016

-Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum says he’ll hold an event Wednesdy to announce his decision on a potential 2016 presidential campaign.

-Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, appeared before supporters in Burlington, Vt. Tuesday for the official kickoff of his campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

NOAA will issue its initial outlook for the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season during a news conference at the New Orleans Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness’ (NOHSEP) Emergency Operations Center. FEMA will participate in the event to discuss the importance of personal preparedness for hurricane season. The hurricane season officially begins June 1.

Tthe 2014 State Rankings for Obesity from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index are out.  It shows that the national obesity rate continues to rise to 27.7%, up from 27.1% in 2013 and significantly higher than the 25.5% recorded in 2008.  Mississippi had the highest incidence of obesity in the nation for the second year in a row, at 35.2%. Hawaii had the lowest incidence of obesity in 2014, making it the only state where fewer than one in five residents are obese. 

Jurors at the trial of Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes got to hold copies of Holmes' personal notebook on Tuesday.  As prosecutors try to show that James Holmes meticulously planned out his attack in a sane manner they had Aurora Police Sgt Matt Fyles read from the notebook Holmes sent his psychiatrist hours before he opened fire. It says the obsession to kill since he was a kid.  Holmes' talked about scouting out locations to attack.  He did research to figure out which theater would result in the most casualties and how long it would take police to get there.

Will 13 year-old Slenderman stabbing suspect Anissa Weier be tried as an adult?  The Wisconsin teen enters her second day of reverse-waiver hearings Wednesday. There may be a decision from the judge on if Weier's case will be moved into juvenile court or not.  Weier and 13-year-old Morgan Geyser are charged with stabbing their then 12-year-old friend 19 times last May in the woods of Waukesha, WI.  They said it was an attempt to please the fictional character “Slenderman.” They're charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide which coudl carry a 65 year prison sentence.

Another blow to President Obama’s immigration action.  President Obama’s emergency request for a stay in the lawsuit against his immigration-related executive action was denied.   The 5th circuit court of appeals, in a 2-1 decision, determined the 26 states challenging the President’s deferred action are “likely to succeed” and denied the administration’s request to move forward with registration while the case moved through the courts. The decision means those dreamers and parents of dreamers who would have qualified for deferred action, are still unable to receive work permits and relief from deportation.   Texas Governor Gregg Abbott filed the original lawsuit, saying the President's executive action and bypassing congress was unconstitutional.  

President Obama wants Congress to return during this week long break and finish their work on what he says is a critical National Security law that expires midnight Sunday. It has to do collecting your phone records.  President Obama saying it's inconceivable that Congress would not extend the NSA's ability to spy on terrorist calls.

After a rash of hoax threats to airlines Sunday, an EVA Air flight to Los Angeles received a threat Tuesday afternoon, but was able to land safely at Los Angeles International Airport. "Bureau and airport officials are investigating a telephonic threat to an aircraft incoming to LAX. All threats, regardless of known credibility, are taken seriously," the FBI released in a statement. About 305 passengers were allowed to exit the plane at about 5:20 p.m. FBI agents and airport police were on scene

Lawyers for two New York chimpanzees are heading to court to argue that the animals have "personhood" rights and should be freed from a Long Island university where they are being kept for research purposes. The lawyers want them sent to a sanctuary in Florida instead.

Some passengers who had just boarded a Spirit Airline plane at O'Hare looked out the window and saw a flight attendant posing inside the jet engine well. Passengers were in disbelief, asking if it was part of a new pre-flight checklist. When the flight attendant ended up working their flight, they took down her name and later found she had posted the pictures on her Facebook page.  Spirit is investigating the incident.

More sponsors pulling out of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, following molestation accusations. Payless Shoes and Choice Hotels are dropping its ads from the reality show - Payless saying its ads ran as part of a larger buy with TLC - and they're taking steps to remove their ads from future episodes. Choice Hotels following suit. TLC yanked the show from its schedule last week, no word when or if it'll be back. All this comes after oldest Duggar son Josh apologized for past actions, following the release of a police report claiming he's molested several underage girls while he was a teen. 

--"It's absolutely massive" says Texas Governor Greg Abbott of the catastrophic flooding in his state.  The death toll in Texas is at least three, including a 14-year-old boy and his dog found dead in a suburban Dallas storm drain. Houston has recorded its first-ever Flash Flood Emergency. Flooding also prompted rescues in Oklahoma
-- A tornado ripped through a Mexican town across the border from Del Rio, Texas, killing at least 13 people.

the war against ISIS is becoming a political battle.  On Sunday, Defense Secretary Ash Carter blamed Iraqi soldiers for the Islamic State victory in Ramadi.  The Iraq government didn’t exactly like that comment, and Vice President Biden has tried to walk it back a bit, but the administration is under some pressure from Republicans, who think the only way to turn things around is to send American ground troops back into the country.  

A waterspout that came ashore at a Florida beach turned dangerous after it hit an inflated bouncy castle, tossing it into the air and injuring three children. The swirling column of wind and ocean water that formed in Fort Lauderdale hit the ground Monday and video shows that it headed straight towards the amusement ride.  The bouncy castle got caught in the wind, flipped over repeatedly before being swept even further up in the air.

At least six flights were impacted by threats at airports in New York, New Jersey and Boston Monday, according to airlines and law enforcement. An Air France plane was escorted to JFK Airport in New York City after an anonymous threat was made against the flight, law enforcement officials told ABC News. The FBI said the plane has since been checked and cleared with "no incidents or hazards reported on board the flight by either the passengers or its crew.

Cleveland has reached a settlement with the Justice Department over what federal authorities said was a pattern of unconstitutional policing and excessive use of force, people briefed on the case said Monday. The settlement, which could be announced as early as Tuesday, comes days after a judge declared a Cleveland police officer not guilty of manslaughter for climbing onto the hood of a car and firing repeatedly at its unarmed occupants, both of them black. 

Plains All-American Pipelines representatives said more than 2,600 cubic yards of contaminated soil adjacent to last week's ruptured pipeline in Santa Barabara County has been removed. 16 vessels are in operation to help with the cleanup. Refugio and El Capitan state beaches will remain closed until at least June 4th. Officials with the Refugio Oil Response Unified Command said that 17 oiled birds and 10 oiled mammals have been collected thus far. 9 birds and 6 mammals were found dead on arrival.   Nearly 19,000 gallons of oil have been collected.  Plains officials said the spill is now less than they thought. The worst-case scenario is around 101,000 gallons of oil released. That's about about 4,200 gallons less than previously believed.

Strong rip currents are blamed for at least three deaths in Florida. Volusia County's beach patrol says 520 swimmers were rescued over the weekend.

VOTE 2016
-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton marched alongside her husband Monday in the annual New Castle Memorial Day Parade in Chappaqua, New York.  The former Secretary of State says she wanted to recognize America's veterans.
-Independent Senator Bernie Sanders kicks off his campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination in Burlington Vermont.
-Republican presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) will be signing copies of his new book "Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America" in New York City Tuesday.

Two of B.B. King's daughters are  accusing the blues legend's two closest aides of poisoning him.  Las Vegas police homicide detectives are said to be investigating. King died May 14 at age 89.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension over the Deflategate scandal might not be heard by Wednesday's 10-day deadline, according to an Associated Press report.

Former San Francisco 49'ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald - who signed with the Chicago Bears in the off season - has now been cut by Chicago after he was arrested in Northern California on suspicion of domestic violence and child endangerment.

The Golden State Warriors were a win away from a trip to the NBA Finals Monday night as they took on the Houston Rockets in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals in Houston. But, Warriors star and NBA MVP Stephan Curry took a hard fall during the first half and was taken into the locker room diagnosed with a head contusion.


Tornado watches Sunday night along the Mississippi River from Louisiana to Illinois.  Four reported tornadoes touched down in Arkansas uprooting trees.  Baseball size hail came down in Lamar, Colorado.  In Texas, hundreds of homes have been washed away by floodwaters after torrential rain in Wimberley; near Austin. In Houston they're cleaning up destruction of an apartment complex by a twister.

-No comment from the White House yet on Defense Secretary Ash Carter's harsh assessment of Iraqi forces...who have lost territory to Islamic State fighters in recent weeks.  The Defense Secretary criticized the will to fight of Iraqi forces. He said the city of Ramadi fell into ISIS hands even though they had many more troops.  But Iraqi forces have gone on the offensive, pushing ISIS out of the town of Husseiba  just 4 miles outside of Ramadi.  Though Iraqi  officials say preparations are underway to retake Ramadi from ISIS they've offered no timeline for when that could happen.  
-Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says he was "surprised" by Carter's comments that he feared Iraq's security forces didn't have the will to fight to save Ramadi.  In an interview with the BBC, Abadi said his "heart bleeds" at the loss of the city and he claimed it would be retaken "within days". 

- An apparent scare in the nation's capital Sunday.US Capitol Police bomb squad discovered a pressure cooker in a ‘suspicious’ vehicle parked near the Capitol and Memorial Day Concert.  But, they say they "cleared it with negative results, nothing hazardous found."  Officials apparetnly told the crowd attending the national memorial day concert at the west front of the Capitol there would be a loud bang but there was no cause for alarm.  The driver of the car was arrested for Operating After Revocation.
- President Obama places a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns, at Arlington Cemetery Monday.

Ireland’s citizens have voted in a landslide to legalize gay marriage, a stunningly lopsided result that illustrates what Catholic leaders and rights activists alike called a “social revolution.”  Friday’s referendum saw 62.1 percent of Irish voters say “yes” to changing the nation’s constitution to define marriage as a union between two people regardless of their sex.  The Catholic Church in Ireland is now trying to figure out how to absorb the results.  

Miles of beaches near Santa Barbara, California still closed as last week's oil spill is being cleaned up.  Protesters in Santa Barbara Sunday were angry over the environmental disaster that's now rippling far beyond the local shoreline. Wildlife experts say animals swimming through the oil spill are now showing up as far as 50 miles up and down the California coast.

71 people have been arrested during protests over Cleveland Police Patrolman Michael Brelo's acquittal. City officials say while protesters were mostly peaceful during the day, some became violent Saturday evening. Protesters became more violent as the night went on, Police Chief Calvin Williams said in a press conference Sunday morning. 

A law enforcement source has confirmed to ABC News that Darrell Terrence Wint was in the group that was detained Thursday night when his brother Daron was arrested. Darrell was released along with four unknown individuals Friday while his brother remains in custody. Darrell has a long rap sheet of minor crimes; including drug charges, DUI and driving without a license. 

Nobel Prize winning mathematician John Nash, played by Russell Crowe in the Oscar winning film "A Beautiful Mind" being mourned. Nash and his wife Alicia killed Saturday while in a taxi on the New Jersey Turnpike. Nash, a father of two, just weeks shy of his 87th birthday. 

Beachgoers are on alert this Memorial Day with many people flocking to the shores for their first un-official summer getaway. One man drowned and another was rescued Sunday morning near Daytona Beach, FL. Daytona Beach Shores police said the incident occurred just after 11 a.m. when the two swimmers appeared to be in distress due to the rough surf and strong rip currents. There was no lifeguard stationed at the section of the beach where the drowning occurred.  Five good Samaritans apparently went into the water and pulled the two men out.  One performed CPR on the man until EMS arrived. Both men were taken to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach where one was pronounced dead.

Many vacationers bracing for the ride back home. With the price of gas almost a dollar cheaper than this time last year, triple-A estimates 33 million people are on the road. That would make this the busiest Memorial Day weekend in a decade. 

Comedian, actress and mother of Ben Stiller and Amy Stiller...Anne Meara has died at age 85.  Anne Meara and her husband Jerry Stiller became one of  America's hottest comedy duo's in the 60's and 70's with many appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show.  

INDY 500
Juan Pablo Montoya won the Indianapolis 500 Sunday, after out-racing Will Power and Scott Dixon in the final laps. This was his second win, the first being in 2000. 

At the box office so far this holiday weekend, it's a win for the future. Tomorrowland is in the lead - an estimated $32.2 million dollars through Sunday for the George Clooney PG sci-fi action flick. That'll put it at a little over $40 million through Monday - not a great opening for a movie that reportedly cost $190 million bucks to make. 

Daron Dylon Wint is in police custody - wanted in connection with last week's murders of a Washington DC family of three and their housekeeper.  The 34-year-old Wint was arrested in northeast Washington late Thursday evening. He had worked for the company owned by 46-year-old Savvas Savopoulos -- one of the victims  -- and was traced to the home by DNA from a pizza crust.  Officials tell ABC News they haven't determined whether Wint acted alone or had help.

We are learning more about the company that owns that pipeline that ruptured in Santa Barbara County, California this week. Federal records obtained by ABC News show Plains All American Pipeline has had 175 safety and maintenance infractions since 2006 -- causing close to 24-million-dollars in property damage. Plains officials defended the company's safety record at an evening news conference.

A grand jury in Baltimore has indicted all six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray which had triggered unrest in the city. 
--The ATF is looking for several people who committed several arsons during the Baltimore Riots several weeks ago. 

With more rain in the forecast, the town of Wichita Falls, Texas is getting ready for a potential flood. The city has been through this before: in 2007, weeks of heavy rain left sizable sections of Wichita Falls underwater. Many homeowners are putting furniture on cinder blocks. Emergency managers have urged residents to pack up and get out before the anticipated flooding leaves them cut off from town.

After seizing the ancient city of Palmyra Thursday, a Syrian human rights group monitoring the country claims ISIS fighters now control more than half of the territory. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says ISIS is in control of Palmyra's famous archaeological site, as well as the city's prison and military air base. But the State Department says while they aren't "sugar-coating" recent ISIS gains, they don't believe ISIS control of Syria is that vast.

US Central Command has concluded that two children were killed in a US airstrike in Syria last November.   It is the first time that the US military has confirmed civilian casualties in the airstrike campaign in Iraq and Syria.  The strike targeted members of an al-Qaeda linked group in northwestern Syria.   An investigation found that prior to the strike military planners had determined there were no children near the target. The US military continues to investigate three other airstrikes where civilian casualties are alleged to have occurred.

Two men were arrested by the Joint Terrorism Task Force Thursday night - one at LAX and the other in Orange County.   Law enforcement sources confirm to ABC News that the two are being held on suspicion of terrorism related charges.   Both men are from Anaheim. The two men are suspected of planning to travel abroad to join ISIS. There was no known public threat to the Los Angeles region. Both men will be charged In federal court on Friday.  

The Senate is to vote on a series of amendments following its vote to break a filibuster, moving forward with legislation to ultimately empower President Obama to make a Pacific rim trade deal. A vote on the final trade bill - could come today. 

President Obama will deliver remarks at the DC-area Congregation Adas Israel in celebration of Jewish Heritage Month. It will also be an opportunity for the President to speak directly to the Jewish-American community about the tentative Iran nuclear deal.

AAA Travel projects 33 million Americans are hitting the road Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer.  Gas Buddy predicts this summer travel season, drivers will be able to keep more money in their pockets.  In fact, analysts say summertime prices may be about a dollar a gallon lower than they were last year. Although hurricane season and unexpected refinery issues could change that.

More than 50 people across nine states have been sickened by a salmonella outbreak that, according to health officials, is likely linked to raw tuna. California health officials reported at least 31 cases. Some other states with cases reported include Arizona, Illinois, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington. Officials have so far been unable to identify the source of the outbreak but most who fell ill reported eating sushi containing raw tuna.

The Duggar reality show family is responding to recent reports that Josh Duggar, the oldest son of "19 Kids and Counting" parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, had molested several underage girls while he was a teen --  some of whom are his sisters. In a statement to People magazine, Josh admits that when he was 14, he acted inexcusably, hurt his family and close friends, and deeply regrets it. Josh, who has four small children of his own, says the authorities were told at the time, and he got counseling. His wife and parents are standing by him, but he’s resigned his position with the Family Research Council.

Disneyland is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a spectacular new "World of Color" fountain show that begins Friday.  Neil Patrick Harris joins Mickey Mouse to take guests through 60 years of Disney history.

It may have taken a decade but Walrus Cam is back. The popular webcam stream...starring male Pacific walruses on an Alaskan beach  -- not doing much -- some 15 thousand stacked like sardines on Round Island...a remote spot 400 miles southwest of Anchorage. So remote, last year it only had 42 human visitors. 

21-thousand gallons of crude oil have spilled into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Santa Barbara, according to the Coast Guard. They're monitoring clean-up operations at California's Refugio Beach. Officials say the source of the spill was an on-shore ruptured 24-inch pipeline Tuesday afternoon. The oil then leaked into the ocean. The pipeline has been secured, but oil now covers miles of water and beach in sludge. 

As many as 25 reported tornadoes struck Tuesday night across Texas and Oklahoma. Witnesses say three smaller twisters formed into one larger one in the North Texas town of Mineral Wells significant damage is reported there, but no injuries reported.

Problems for a cruise ship that started its journey in Boston.  The Coast Guard tells ABC News the Norwegian Dawn ran aground in Bermuda. There are 2675 passengers and over a thousand crew members onboard. Norwegian says its ship lost power as it was leaving King's Wharf, Bermuda before it hit the channel bed.  Nobody is injured and there are no reports of a fuel leaking.  Passengers say water tight doors have been shut.

It's the largest auto recall in U-S history. Takata Corporation has agreed to more than double its vehicle recall - admitting that nearly 34 million of its air bag inflator mechanisms are defective. The faulty air bags are linked to at least five deaths and more than 100 injuries.

Autopsies have been completed on the bikers who died in a shootout among motorcycle gangs and the police in Waco, Texas. Officials continue to investigate the scene of Sunday's shootings. One biker who witnessed the shooting tells ABC News the meeting was meant to discuss political advocacy for bikers rights, not violence.

North Korea has mysteriously cancelled a visit by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who's touring the Korean peninsula.

Iraq is looking for volunteers to join the fight agaisnt ISIS and help retake the city of Ramadi.  An Iraqi government statement says a voluntary recruitment drive is needed to fill shortages. Thousands have fled Ramadi since its capture by the Islamic State on Sunday.

VOTE 2016
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been campaigning the last two days in Iowa and met with reporters for the first time in 28 days Tuesday.

The Vice President's son, Beau Biden, is undergoing treatment at Walter Reed, the Office of the Vice President confirms to ABC News.   The White House has not offered any further comment on Beau Biden's current condition.

The mother of an American journalist missing in Syria for nearly three years is appealing for information about her son. Marking more than1,000 days since her son went missing, Debra Tice says that she is certain her son Austin Tice is still alive.  

A substitute teacher at Maryland's Prince George’s County Public Schools is accused of using a belt to discipline sixth grade students.

The NFL owners annual May meeting concludes Wednesday in San Francisco.  On Tuesday, New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft said he would "accept reluctantly" the NFL's decision to fine the team $1 million and revoke their 2016 first-round draft pick as a result of the investigation of the team's use of allegedly under inflated footballs.  This doesn't affect quarterback Tom Brady's appeal of his 4-game suspension.  Owners agreed to change the the extra point rule moving the kick to the 15-yard line, and allowing the defense to score on a botched return.  Owners of the Rams, Raiders and Chargers are expected to give updates Wednesday on their potential moves to Los Angeles.

The Minnesota Timeberwolves won the NBA Draft Lottery in New York Tuesday night.  They'll pick first in June's draft. The Los Angeles Lakers made a surprise move up to the two-spot.

Rumer Willis wins Dancing with the Stars.  The 26 year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore took the trophy Tuesday night on ABC.  

After 33 years on late-night, David Letterman says goodbye.  His final show airs Wednesday night with his 6,028th episode.

A Pentagon spokesman acknowledges that the ISIS takeover of the Iraqi city of Ramadi is a setback but that overall ISIS remains on the defensive. 

Fourteen people have been charged in connection with an alleged wide-ranging criminal conspiracy to violate airport security requirements and transport drugs throughout the country, says the U-S attorney for Northern California.

Flat-bed wreckers have been hauling away the dozens of motorcycles whose riders converged on Waco Texas, for what was called - the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting. That turned into a biker brawl and shoot-out that left nine dead and led to nearly 200 hundred arrests. Texas law enforcement apparently knew of escalating tensions among biker gangs: ABC-TV affiliate WFAA in Dallas has obtained a bulletin sent out by the Texas Department of Public Safety May 1st, warning of possible motorcycle gang violence.

The NTSB says that, according to FBI investigators, an area damaged on the front of Amtrak train 188 was not caused by a firearm.  But investigators say they are not yet sure what caused the damage to the train that crashed a week ago in Philadelphia, killing 8 and injuring more than 200.

The price of regular unleaded across the country is 5 cents higher this week compared to last according to new numbers out from the Energy Department.  The average price is now at 2-74 a gallon. 

No more armored vehicles, bayonets, grenade launchers and ammo .50 caliber or higher for police departments. The Obama Administration announced it is banning the use of military-style gear by local cops ... in an attempt to rebuild trust with communities.

VOTE 2016
New Jersey Gov. and potential presidential candidate Chris Christie reacted to President Obama's visit to Camden, as Christie held a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton began a two-day campaign swing in Iowa, where she spoke to voters, but not reporters.

Heavy rains in parts of southwest Texas caused flash flooding overnight. Authorities in San Angelo rescued at least 20 people across the city. Forecasters are predicting heavy rains across parts of western Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado Tuesday. 

A group describing themselves as "international women peacekeepers" will march across the de-militarized zone in an effort to end the decades long conflict between North and South  Korea. The group includes feminist Gloria Steinem. 

The mystery continues as to who killed three members of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper.  The police have released a surveillance video, and there is a $25,000 reward as well. There are 2 sisters who were not in the fire, and are currently  staying with their Grandmother. Abigail, 19, posted a heartfelt dedication to her mother just after Mother's Day. 

The Divorce Professionals, a group of North Jersey businesspeople who have formed an association designed to function as a one-stop referral system for dissolving a marriage, is hosting a divorce expo on Tuesday.  The group, which includes a real estate broker, a mortgage officer, a therapist, a financial adviser, a family therapist, a life coach, a private investigator and an insurance agent, was formed last year.

For the second year running Washington D.C. tops the American Fitness Index (AFI) ranking as the healthiest metropolitan area in America. The nation's capital can credit an above average access to public infrastructure for the top spot, according to the eighth annual report. Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minn. came in second and three California metro areas - San Diego, the Bay Area and Sacramento - rounded out the top five.

Responding officers say they came upon a scene of chaos after a fight among rival biker gangs spilled out from a restaurant and turned into a gun battle in Waco, Texas. Nine people were killed in a brawl that involved guns, knives, chains and baseball bats.  Armed guards are posted at local hospitals to prevent gang members from trying to retaliate.

The military says a V-22 tilt rotor Osprey aircraft made a "hard landing" in Hawaii Sunday, killing one and sending 21 Marines who were  on board to the hospital for assessment and treatment.  The Marines from San Diego were conducting a routine training exercise at the time. 

Amtrak will resume full Northeast Corridor operations, effective this morning (Monday). There is still no cause determined in last week's deadly Amtrak crash in Philadelphia where Mayor Michael Nutter presided over a "service of reflection" Sunday. Investigators are looking into a cracked windshield and reports of projectiles hitting other nearby trains. "The safety of our passengers and crew remains our number one priority. Our infrastructure repairs have been made with the utmost care and emphasis on infrastructure integrity including complete compliance with Federal Railroad Administration directives," said Amtrak President & CEO Joe Boardman

A cybersecurity consultant told the FBI he hacked into computer systems aboard airliners up to 20 times and managed to control an aircraft engine during a flight, according to federal court documents.  Chris Roberts was detained by the FBI in April following a United Airlines flight to Syracuse, New York, after officials saw Twitter posts he made discussing hacking into the plane he was traveling on. 

One day after the United States announced the killing of a top ISIS financier, Iraqi officials said the terror group has claimed a victory of its own, seizing the provincial Iraqi capital of Ramadi. "The city has fallen," Muhannad Haimor, a spokesman for the governor of Anbar province, told the New York Times on Sunday. Haimor claimed the fighting left over 500 dead, including the 3-year-old daughter of one of the Iraqi soldiers. There are reports from the region that Iraqi Security Forces have fled the city. "It is a terrible day," one senior U.S. official who closely tracks developments in Iraq told ABC News. "In some areas executions are being carried out by ISIS on captured Iraqi forces, Iraqi police and tribal fighters." As a result of the ISIS advance, Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has authorized Iranian Shiite militias, known as the Popular Mobilization Force, to enter the Sunni-dominated Anbar province and assist Iraq's security forces and local tribal fighters

Elian Gonzalez, the young Cuban boy who became an emblematic figure of US-Cuban relations sat down with ABC News for an exclusive interview 15 years after the international custody dispute that captivated the world. 

Scattered severe thunderstorms were in the forecast Sunday night across the upper Midwest region, extending down to Arkansas. Heavy rain brought flooding to the Deep South through the Tennessee Valley. Residents in the small town of Mosby, MO were urged to evacuate their homes because of dangerous flooding conditions. Flash flood watches remain in effect for parts of the south into Monday.

Two deaths from a BASE jumping accident at California's Yosemite National Park over the weekend.  A park spokesman says extreme athlete Dean Potter and Graham Hunt died after attempting a wingsuit flight from a 7,500-foot promontory called Taft Point.

The president of the African nation of Burundi apparently survived an attempted coup.  The U.S. says it evacuated 20 Americans, four Canadians and other foreigners from the country via charter aircraft.  Burundi is providing troops in the fight against Al-Shabab in Somalia.

NFL owners gather in San Francisco this week to discuss Deflategate, football returning to Los Angeles and changes to the extra point.  The annual May meetings begin Tuesday and wrap-up Wednesday.

The comedy sequel about a female acapella group shattered expectations, opening to an estimated $70.3 million. That's more than the first movie made in the U.S. during its entire run in theaters. In 2nd, Mad Max: Fury Road, an estimated $44.4 million - a great weekend, and about what was expected. In third place it's The Avengers: Age of Ultron, followed by Hot Pursuit, and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.

May 15--  Below are today's top stories from ABC News.


Military officials confirm they've located wreckage from a US Marine helicopter that went missing in Nepal earlier this week. American military personnel is at the crash site.The crash site is 50 miles Northeast of Kathmandu. Six US Marines and two Nepalese soldiers disappeared with the chopper on Tuesday. The death toll keeps rising from Nepal's second major earthquake in just 17 days. Relief supplies and aid are slow to reach remote areas because many roads have been cut by landslides.

All accounted for – every one of the 243 people riding Amtrak 188 when it derailed going 106 miles per hour. Eight people were killed. Federal investigators say Amtrak 188 sped up for about a minute before hitting a curve on the track and derailing. Officials also noted that the train engineer applied an emergency brake Tuesday night seconds before the curve but is supposed to know the track route and speed limits. NTSB board member Robert Sumwalt says a front- facing camera on the train is helping investigators piece together a timeline of the moments before the crash.  31 seconds before the end of the recording, the train was going 90 miles per hour. 16 seconds before the end of the recording, the train was going 100 miles per hour. Sumwalt says engineer Brandon Bostian has agreed to speak with investigators and will do so in the next few days. Amtrak faces at least one lawsuit - one of its employees - who was injured - alleges the railroad acted negligently leading up to the derailment.

House Speaker John Boehner acted incredulous when a reporter tried to ask him about federal spending for Amtrak, cutting her off. “Are you really going to ask such a stupid question?!” Boehner exclaimed in apparent disbelief.  “Well, obviously it’s not about funding. The train was going twice the speed limit!” Boehner further contended that funding for Amtrak is “adequate” and added that “no money has been cut from rail safety.”  “It’s hard for me to imagine that people take the bait on some of the nonsense that gets spewed around here,” he said, abruptly ending his news conference Thursday. Wednesday, the House Appropriations Committee passed a bill to reduce grants to Amtrak in fiscal year 2016 by more than $250 million below spending levels for FY 2015. Proponents of the measure say the cuts are made “entirely” to Amtrak capital – such as infrastructure improvements.

The jury continues deliberations over life or death for Boston Marathon bomber Dzohokar Tsarnaev.  

Leaders at the nation's largest sheriff's department are under arrest. Former Los Angeles County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka was the second-in-command until last year.  In a widespread probe that has already led to convictions of his colleagues, Tanaka and a former Sheriff's captain have been indicted and arrested by the FBI.  An Acting US Attorney says they are accused of scheming to obstruct a federal probe into misconduct in the LA jail system. 

Two Secret Service agents who drove a government car through a secure area at the White House ... had rung up a hefty bar tab that night. Marc Connolly, Deputy Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protection Division, and George Ogilvie, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the agency's Washington field office, reportedly spent five hours at a bar during and after a retirement party for a colleague on March 4th. Homeland Security Inspector General John Roth issued his report on the incident Wednesday. Among the findings, the report says the two purchased eight glasses of Scotch, two vodka drinks, one glass of wine and three glasses of beer. 

The White House was in lockdown for a short time Wednesday afternoon after a man tried to fly a drone nearby. The President was at Camp David at the time and the suspect is in custody.

President hosted representatives from six Persian Gulf nations Thursday. The gathering was an effort to reassure them that a potential nuclear deal with Iran would not threaten their security. It’s a meeting that skeptical leaders from the invited nations have opted not to attend and, instead, to send secondary representatives. The administration has already shot down several items on the Gulf states' wish list, and many experts are skeptical that there will be tangible results from this meeting.

A Texas man was arrested Thursday after FBI agents accused him of lying about whether he supported the leader of ISIS. The Iraq-born US citizen admitted he posted an oath on Twitter to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, according to a criminal complaint. The complaint further states that agents searching Bilal Abood's computer found he was watching beheadings carried out by Islamic State fighters.

Activists are protesting plans to drill in the Arctic Ocean - gathering in Seattle when an oil rig outfitted for off-shore drilling docked. The Shell Oil Polar Pioneer, a rig that will drill new wells in the Arctic Ocean, will be based in Seattle during the off-season. Protesters with signs reading "Shell No" lined the waterfront, and dozens of kayakers paddled alongside. The company says the rig will bring dozens of jobs to the city along with millions for the local economy. The protests remained peaceful and we're told an even larger demonstration is planned over the weekend.

The potential Republican presidential contender says knowing what we know now, he would not have invaded Iraq - explaining that he sidestepped the question for days - after first, he says,  misunderstanding it -- partly out of loyalty to his older brother, former President George W. Bush.

NFL officials say Commissioner Roger Goodell will personally hear Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension over deflated footballs. Investigators found what they called "substantial and credible evidence" that the New England Patriots star quarterback was aware of, maybe even approved of, actions by two Patriots equipment handlers to release air from footballs prior to the AFC championship.  The Patriots created a website to rebut the investigation, calling its conclusions "incomplete, incorrect and lacking in context."

Australia's agriculture minister fears actor Johnny Depp might not be able to get his two pet dogs back into the United States -- and that the animals could be put down.  The Yorkshire terriers Boo and Pistol, brought into Australia without being quarantined first - are due to be flown out of the country on Friday.  But Barnaby Joyce said he is "seriously worried" they might not have the right permits to get back into the US and could be rendered "stateless". The Pirates Of The Caribbean star also appears certain to face a huge fine for violating Australia's strict quarantine laws.

A highly-infectious strain of influenza has sickened dogs in at least five states. Most otherwise-healthy dogs recover from the flu, known as H3N2, with the help of antibiotics and fluids. But, as with humans, older dogs or those with other health issues are at risk for complications. H3N2 has most recently been carried into Texas.

Legendary bluesman BB King has died at age 89. The Clark County coroner confirmed King died at his Las Vegas home Thursday night. The Thrill is Gone," was King's most popular cross-over hit, and won him a Grammy. King's unique guitar style--played on his signature instrument nicknamed "Lucille"--inspired guitarists from Eric Clapton and George Harrison to Jeff Beck. B.B. King was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. 

May 11-- Here are Today’s Top Stories from ABC News


Cleanup is underway in Texas, South Dakota and Iowa this morning after a weekend of violent weather. Powerful storms produced flash flooding and spawned at least 12 reported tornadoes. Parts of South Dakota even saw snow from a spring blizzard.


Tropical storm Ana, the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, was downgraded to a tropical depression after it hit the Carolina coast early Sunday.


Former President Jimmy Carter cut short a trip to Guyana after falling ill. A statement from the Carter Center says the 90-year-old headed back to Atlanta. No details of his condition were released.


It looks like Google's driverless car project... has hit a few bumps in the road. Four out of nearly 50 experimental self-driving cars now rolling around California have gotten into accidents since they were issued permits to test them on city roads last September. 


A nuclear reactor remains offline at Indian Point Energy Center north of New York City...A transformer fire on the non-nuclear side of the plant triggered the shutdown, and is blamed for the spill of thousands of gallons of oil into the Hudson River.


Three men and a woman are in custody in connection with the gunning down of 2 Hattiesburg Mississippi police officers.


Will New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady be benched by the N-F-L? An internal investigation concluded the 2015 Super Bowl M-V-P "generally" knew Patriots' footballs were under inflated during their win against Indianapolis in the AFC title game.


Testimony continues in the trial of James Holmes, accused of killing 12 and wounding dozens in a crowded Colorado theater two years ago.


Prince headlined a "Rally 4 Peace" concert at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore.  Prince also released a song titled Baltimore this weekend


"Avengers: Age of Ultron" is still number one at the box office.  The sequel brought in 77.2 million dollars in its second  weekend. 

April unemployment figures are released Friday, a day after the Labor Department reported jobless claims held firm, a signal of an improving labor market.

Patriots QB Tom Brady made his first public appearance since the NFL's deflate-gate report said he was aware that locker room staff had let the air out of footballs ahead of January's AFC championship game. The event at Salem State University near Boston had been planned for months.

The head of the FBI confirms that his agency warned police in Texas that an attack on Sunday's anti-Islamic art contest was imminent. The head of the FBI confirms that his agency warned police in Texas that an attack on Sunday's anti-Islamic art contest was imminent.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has approved the opening of a federal “pattern or practice” investigation into the Baltimore police department, looking at whether the department has engaged in a “pattern or practice” of discriminatory policing, ABC News has learned. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake asked the DOJ to open a probe earlier this week. A decision could be announced as early as Friday.

Another night of violent storms in parts of the nation's midsection. Several tornadoes reported in Texas.

An apparent case of mistaken identity in the case of a South Carolina homeowner shot by police Thursday morning. Charleston County officials say two deputies responding to reports of two Black suspects fleeing a home invasion mistakenly shot the Black homeowner involved after he refused to drop his gun following a gunfight with the suspects, who remain on the run.

The U.S is facing an urgent national security threat, with ISIS currently putting forth the largest social media campaign ever devised by a terrorist organization. Assistant Attorney General John Carlin tells us what federal authorities are doing to deal with this growing threat. Estimates say the accounts tied to terror group puts out about 90,000 messages per day over services such as Facebook and Twitter.

A recent audit found a lot more than lunch being paid for on government-issued credit cards. Gambling and strip club bills—racked up using Pentagon-issued cards.

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Candidates and potential candidates continue to visit early primary states. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, a possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate, keynotes the New Hampshire High Tech Council's Entrepreneur of the Year award event, celebrating New Hampshire's most innovative and entrepreneurial leaders. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has officially declared he's a candidate but he'll be in New Hampshire for events Friday. 

Testimony continues in the trial of James Holmes, accused of killing 12 and wounding dozens in a crowded Colorado theater two years ago.

President Obama delivers remarks on trade at Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Later the President travels to South Dakota, making his first visit to the state as president. He will deliver a commencement address at a community college in Watertown.

Thousands of law enforcement officers from around the country are expected to be in attendance for the funeral of slain New York City police officer Brian Moore on Long Island Friday. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio were among those in attendance for his wake on Thursday. 

Smoke filled the cabin of a Delta Air Lines that had departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Thursday, causing the plane to be diverted to Charleston, South Carolina, from its original destination, LaGuardia Airport in New York, officials said. Fabiola Dias, one of the 89 passengers on Flight 2028 recorded a short video from inside the cabin and uploaded it to Twitter after the plane safely landed. 

AAA releases its annual Memorial Day Holiday Travel Forecast.

World War II veterans will gather in Washington, D.C. to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, generally known as V-E Day. Celebrations on May 8th marks the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender of its armed forces.

Sam Smith will undergo vocal cord surgery after suffering a hemorrhage, forcing him to cancel the next two months of his tour -breaking the hearts of thousands of fans. The Grammy winning artist will be having suspension microlaryngoscopy surgery, the same operation both Adele and Julie Andrews went through. In a statement over Instagram, Smith explained: “The doctors say I will be back in 6-8 weeks and I cannot wait to sing for you all soon”.

A line of violent storms produced at least 24 tornado reports in three states: Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas. A large twister raked through Norman and Moore, Oklahoma, where homes and businesses were damage. No serious injuries reported so far.

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on Jihad 2.0: Social Media in the Next Evolution of Terrorist Recruitment.

An NFL investigation has found that New England Patriots employees likely deliberately deflated footballs and that quarterback Tom Brady was "at least generally aware" of the rules violations. The investigators also charged that Brady's account to investigators during his interview was "not plausible."  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league would consider disciplinary action.

The Labor Department releases(8:30am ET) figures for first-time jobless claims for the past week

There was another accident involving trains carrying crude oil, this time Wednesday morning near the small North Dakota town of Heimdal.  No one was injured, but all 28 residents of the town were evacuated.

--The Justice Department says it is considering a request by Baltimore's mayor to figure out whether the city's police department uses a pattern of excessive force or discriminatory policing.
--CVS says it will rebuild the pharmacy that looters burned and destroyed during the violence in Baltimore last week.
--Senior Obama Cabinet officials met with students at Baltimore's Frederick Douglass High School. 

Many adults in the U.S. are not getting the recommended screening tests for colorectal, breast and cervical cancers, according to data published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

The State Department's chief freedom of information officer said Wednesday that it's not acceptable for any agency employee to conduct government business on a private email server as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did. Joyce Barr made the comment under questioning from Republican senators during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

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The Clinton Foundation's Global Initiative is being hosted this week at a luxury resort in Morocco....paid for by a controversial mining company criticized for human rights violations.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch appears before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies hearing, on the Justice Department budget.

A health alert for the 45 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies--some are warning of a 'pollen tsunami' - with doctors saying we may be in for one of the worst allergy seasons in years. Places like Washington DC are expected to be hit hardest.

Testimony continues in the trial of James Holmes, accused of killing 12 and wounding dozens in a crowded Colorado theater two years ago. Jurors heard Wednesday from two of Holmes' U. of Colorado professors.

President Obama travels to the Portland, OR area for a DNC event, and remains overnight in Oregon.

Joshua Corbett, the man found inside the home of actress Sandra Bullock last June is pleading not guilty to stalking. The 39-year old entered the plea in a Los Angeles court, a month after a judge determined he should stand trial.

The search continues for clues into Sunday's failed attack on a controversial art show and contest in suburban Dallas. Even as investigators scour the crime scene here and talk with people who knew suspects Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, a claim has come from overseas. The Islamic State has issued a statement describing Simpson and Soofi as 'soldiers of the caliphate.' It offers no evidence that ISIS was somehow behind the assault that left both men dead outside the anti-Islamic gathering here in Texas. One of two gunmen fatally shot in the assault rifle had been known to the FBI for some time.  The FBI acknowledged it had 30-year old Elton Simpson under scrutiny as a possible terrorist for the last 10 years. Simpson grew up in a Christian family. In high school Simpson was an all star basketball player but later wrote that an auto accident ended his chances of playing ball in college and led him to Allah.  Five years ago the FBI arrested Simpson for attempting to join an al Qaeda group in Somalia.  He was convicted of lying to the FBI, only sentenced to probation.

Confusion in the sky? A new report finds planes land at the wrong airport more often than you think. Federal regulators are proposing new rules to prevent it from happening.

The Energy Department reports weekly gas prices are up 9 cents a gallon for regular unleaded. Once again: California is a big reason why. In the past week, prices there have shot up another 28 cents a gallon after last week’s big rise. The average price in California is now $3.71 a gallon. It's the only state over $3  -- and it’s nearly $4.

A police officer in Raleigh, North Carolina who got a free cup of Starbucks coffee is suing the company for 50-thousand dollars after he spilled it on himself and suffered severe burns. Matthew Kohr’s attorneys say he should be compensated for burns, blisters and emotional damage caused after the officer spilled a cup of coffee in his lap in 2012.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that there was a 7.4 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Papua New Guinea, and a Tsunami threat within 186 miles of the earthquakes epicenter. 


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to testify again before House Benghazi investigators...but her attorney says she only wants to do it once.  Mrs. Clinton's already spoken about Benghazi during the last hearings; now they want her back two more times, in part,  to explain her private email server.   Hillary Clinton's attorney's written to the committee saying she's willing to answer every possible question for as long as they'd like, but that it's unreasonable and unprecedented to require a former Secretary of State to do this three separate times.

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Today (Tuesday), the town of Hope, Arkansas will host a presidential announcement from a familiar face – former Gov. Mike Huckabee expected to launch his second White House run, two cycles after winning the Iowa caucuses and not much else. That makes three new GOP contenders emerging in the last two days, including Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson.

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev seemed to show emotion by wiping a tear from his eye as his sobbing aunt briefly took the stand Monday in his federal death penalty trial.  Meanwhile, a judge in New York dismissed the harassment case against his sister.   Ailina Tsarnaeva was charged with calling her boyfriend's ex and threatening to place a bomb where she lives. 

Prosecutors at the trial of Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes are now trying to convince jurors that Holmes methodically planned the shooting and knew the consequences of carrying it out.  Glenn Rotkovich owns a gun club in Colorado... He says weeks before the shooting, he got an application from James Holmes to join his club.  When Rotkovich called him - the greeting on Holmes' voicemail was bizarre and freakish, as he put it.  The voicemail greeting left him so disturbed, he told his staff to watch out for Holmes at an orientation. 

A memorial service for David Goldberg will be held on Tuesday at Stanford University, according to friends of the family.  It appears he was working out in a gym when he fell and died.  Tsarnaev, 21, wiped tears from his eyes quickly and fidgeted in his chair as his mother's sister sobbed uncontrollably. He had maintained an uninterested expression since his trial began in January.

President Obama will nominate General Joseph Dunford, currently the US Marine Corps Commandant, to serve as his next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In a statement, a White House official says there will be a formal announcement today and that General Paul J. Selva, the current Commander of U.S. Transportation Command, will be nominated to serve as the next Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Capitol Hill was to be notified Monday night.

You may have heard the story about the search for a lottery winner in California who was paid the wrong amount by a convenience store.  Well, turns out there's more to the story. The owner of the convenience store in Palmdale - north of LA -- claims a worker made a mistake -- that her employee missed a few zeroes when he read the prize amount.  It was not 75-dollars.  The ticket was 75-thousand dollars.  But the supposed winner was paid 75 dollars.  A hunt began for the man, but now the California lottery tells ABC News that winner was actually an undercover agent testing stores to see if they follow lotto guidelines. And now, they're investigating to see if the store meant to shortchange the agent or if it was an honest mistake.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has confirmed what fisherman Roger Headley had suspected.  He caught a piranha last Friday in Lake Bentonville.  Headley said he realized the fish might be a monster when it actually did try to bit him.  It's unclear how the South American fish got there, but it may have been someone's pet.  The commission told Headley to kill the fish which he did.


May 4--  Here are some of the top ABC NEWS stories you'll hear today on NewsTalk970,WVOP; Your Favorite 98Q and Sweet Onion Country 1017FM, WYUM in Vidalia, Radio You Can Rely On!

Two armed men who opened fire on a security officer outside of a provocative contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad have been killed in Garland Texas, according to police.  The Sunday night shooting caused a lockdown of the area and evacuations of surrounding stores and businesses.  Bomb squad investigators were searching the car the two men drove for any signs of explosive devices.  A group called "American Freedom Defense Initiative" was holding the contest at the Curtis Culwell Center to award a $10,000 prize for the best cartoon.  The event was being held nearly four months after the deadly January attack at French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo in Paris.  

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has lifted the curfew in Baltimore Sunday after several peaceful nights. The Maryland Governor will also be demobilizing the National Guard in the next few days. Rioters clashed with police and looted businesses last Monday prompting the curfew and the state of emergency declaration. Six police officers were charged in connection with the death of Freddy Gray on Friday.

A man who officials say boasted of being a street "hell raiser" and served prison time for attempted murder was arraigned Sunday on charges that he shot a New York City police officer in the head.  Officer Brian Moore "is fighting for his life," Queens District Attorney Richard Brown told The Associated Press after spending many hours with the comatose 25-year-old officer.  The suspect, Demetrius Blackwell, was ordered held without bail after appearing in Queens Criminal Court in a torn white jumpsuit. 
One man arrested in Nevada after allegedly stealing a small plane—and going on a joyride. Raising concerns about the use of small planes as weapons.

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews protesting police racism and brutality Sunday throwing rocks and bottles. The police responding on horseback with stun grenades as some protestors tipped over police cars and setting fires. Israeli Police say 20 officers were injured in the clashes. 

Britain continues to celebrate the arrival of their new princess born on Saturday – and anxiously awaits the announcement of her name.

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--The Republican presidential field is set to double in size over the next week, with three separate presidential announcements expected in the coming days. A 2016 field that already includes two Latinos is set to get its first (and probably only) African-American, with Dr. Ben Carson slated to announce his candidacy in Detroit on Monday. Carly Fiorina is expected to become the first woman seeking the Republican presidential. In an ABC News Exclusive, George Stephanopoulos will be speaking with Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina - where she will be launching her 2016 Presidential bid. George will be talking with her about her upcoming campaign to become the first woman in the White House.
--And on Tuesday, the town of Hope, Ark., will host a presidential announcement from a familiar face – no, not that one. Former Gov. Mike Huckabee is expected to launch his second White House run, two cycles after winning the Iowa caucuses and not much else.

President Obama will visit New York City Monday a Harlem-based community group in the afternoon. The President will then appear on the "Late Show with David Letterman." It's likely the last time we'll see the Commander-in-Chief on the Late Show. Dave's last show will air May 20th. 

The penalty phase of the Boston Marathon bombings trial resumes on Monday in Boston. Defense attorneys for Dzokhar Tsarnaev will continue to work to try and convince a jury to spare his life.

More than a week after a strong earthquake rocked Nepal, hope of finding more survivors may be waning. Wet weather has been slowing rescue efforts and making conditions miserable for the survivors.

Testimony will resume in the James Holmes movie theater shooting trial in Centennial, Colorado. The trial is expected to last several months. 

Following multiple earthquakes in the past 24 hours, many are beginning to wonder if there is a reason for the large number of shakeups right now. While quakes in Texas and California happen frequently, Michigan was hit with a 4.2 on Saturday - the most powerful the state has seen since 1947. Are these man made events, or natural occurrences?

A recent survey by found that over one-third of Americans have never checked any of their credit reports. The survey also finds 35% of American adults report that they have never checked their credit reports

Research has linked regular marijuana use in adolescents to cognitive decline, poor educational achievement, mental illness in adulthood, injury and even death from marijuana-related accidents. With 26 states having some form of legalized marijuana, is it getting into the hands of youngsters?  A new article from the department of public health and policy at Johns Hopkins recommends four strategies, based on ways we keep alcohol and tobacco from children. 

Monday, May the 4th is also known as National Star Wars Day. 


May 1--  Here are some of the top ABC NEWS stories you'll hear about today on NewsTalk97, WVOP; Your Favorite, 98Q; and Sweet Onion Country 1017FM, WYUM in Vidalia, Radio You Can Rely On!

--As Baltimore police investigators privately reported their findings in the death of Freddie Gray to the state's attorney, ABC affiliate WJLA quotes law enforcement sources, saying the report contains medical evidence that Gray suffered a massive injury to the back of his head, while riding in the back of the police van, that closely matches a bolt located in the back of the police van.
--Police say the citywide curfew in Baltimore will remain in place at least through the weekend. There were marches and rallies in Baltimore and other cities against police brutality, including Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Philadelphia... In Philly marchers scuffled with police.

Prosecutors have given jurors in the James Holmes trial a graphic look at the carnage from the Colorado theater shooting, displaying photos of victims' bodies lying among spent ammunition, popcorn and clothing.

A guilty plea by David Wildstein is expected in the controversial closures at the George Washington Bridge -- a scandal tied to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. How would a plea affect the Governor and any plans he has for a 2016 White House run?

More on the Nepalese teen rescued after five days in a hole at the bottom of what was once a seven-story building in Katmandu.

This morning, US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Canada's Minister of Transport will hold a news conference announcing the next generation of stronger, safer rail tank cars to transport flammable liquids in North America.

German authorities foiled what they believe may have been an imminent Boston Marathon-style attack on a professional cycling race planned for Friday, seizing a cache of weapons, including a pipe bomb, and chemicals that can be used to make explosives in a raid on a suspected Islamic extremist's home outside Frankfurt. Authorities detained a 35-year-old Turkish-German man and his 34-year-old Turkish wife in the raid in the town of Oberursel. The couple, whose names weren't released in line with Germany privacy rules, had been under surveillance.

A House panel holds a hearing examining the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetic products - banned in a number of states over environmental and health concerns.

Tampa Bay selects Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston with No. 1 pick in NFL draft.

Welterweights Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather face off in Vegas Saturday.

Former quarterback Joe Namath, one of the most charismatic players in NFL history, says knowing now about the dangers of repeated concussions, he would not play football again. Namath,who has recently undergone treatment for brain injuries, told ABC affiliate WPBF-TV he's felt better since the therapy and that his brain scans have showed improvements.

Visitors at the Oklahoma City Zoo got quite a scare Thursday when a tiger escaped its enclosure. The zoo was temporarily put into lockdown before officials were able to contain and tranquilize the female tiger.