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Baltimore imposed another curfew overnight -- and people protested in a number of other cities including New York, Minneapolis and Boston --  following the death of Freddie Gray following injuries received in police custody. While protests were mostly peaceful, there were some arrests, including 16 in Baltimore and more than 100 in various locations in Manhattan following a rally in Union Square, when protestors began marching.  On Friday, Baltimore police say they will turn over to prosecutors the findings of their investigation into Gray's death. 

Dramatic testimony continued Wednesday in Centennial, Colorado, from those who survived the movie theater massacre, and from the first responders who treated them.

-Cheers erupted in Nepal as American rescuers pulled out a 15 year-old survivor trapped under the rubble since the earthquake struck Saturday. Crews with USAID's Disaster Assistance Response Team were called into the area after locals heard sounds in the rubble.
--Three Americans trekking near Everest were rescued and taken the US Embassy. They were stranded in a remote part of Nepal since Saturday. 
--Police in Nepal say the death toll from Saturday's earthquake has topped 55-hundred. At least 11,440 were injured in Nepal, and at least 19 people were killed in an avalanche the quake triggered on Mount Everest. Another 61 were killed in neighboring India and Bangladesh, and China's official news agency reported 25 dead in Tibet. Rescue and humanitarian efforts continue, although there is growing anger in some areas over slow delivery of aid.

Bernie Sanders is running for president. The Vermont senator is a self-identified independent but will run as a Democrat, making him the first party challenger to Hillary Clinton. 

A Russian rocket carrying food and supplies to the International Space Station is now orbiting out of control around the Earth and will eventually burn up in the atmosphere.  That leaves the space station without expected supplies and makes the next Space X mission in June critically important.

The Vietnam War ended 40 years ago today with the US-backed South Vietnamese capital of Saigon falling to northern forces on April 30, 1975.

Today is the start of the NFL draft - it's widely expected that Heisman winner Jameis Winstonwill be the number one pick. Despite allegations of sex assault, it's likely the 21 year old quarterback will end up with a hefty contract from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - worth at least 24 million.

The final news conference with both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather together took place in Vegas Wednesday. The fight is on Saturday and excitement is building.

Thanks to the growing constellation of smart devices collectively known as the Internet of Things, common everyday devices can offer an appealing level of convenience quite literally by collecting data on the habits of users. But a new investigation by Consumer Reports reveals that these devices can also send a steady flood of personal data to corporate servers, where it’s saved and shared, and can be used in ways consumers can’t control.  For many consumers, it may be entirely unclear which information stays on a connected device and what goes out to the Internet. And when they do learn the details, they can be mortified. For example, when Mattel announced plans to launch Hello Barbie, a Wi-Fi connected doll that holds conversations with children (by using remote servers), parents' groups cried foul. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood launched a petition aimed at stopping the toy maker from producing the doll. 

April 27--  The Atlanta Braves host the Cincinnati Reds Sunday afternoon at Turner Field in Atlanta.  You can win a set of four tickets to see the 1:35 p.m. courtesy of The Peoples Bank of Lyons and Vidalia.

For your chance to win, listen to qualify each weekday morning this week with Bob Roberts on Your Favorite, 98Q (538-9898) and with Jim Perry on Sweet Onion Country 1017FM  (538-1017) in Vidalia.

We'll draw the winner's name Thursday morning at 7:45 a.m. at the conclusion of Sportstime.   Good Luck!

May 7--  The Class of 2015 at Southeastern Technical College is graduating in May.  Ceremonies will be held at seven p.m. Tuesday, May 5th on the Swainsboro campus and Thursday, May 7th on the Vidalia campus.  STC Board Member Andy Kimbell is the guest speaker and the public is invited.